Monday, January 13, 2020

30 Day D&D Challenge - What about Giants? (Part Two) - Day Twelve

Today's Our Topic is "What about Giants? Part Two" as we continue our celebration of International Original Dungeons and Dragons Month!

We have giants and we might only have one type of giant or we might have many, many types of giants. Regardless of how many or how few you have, you have to decide how  you are going to run them in your game. Comic relief, bitter foes, possible allies, rarely seen, common place or somewhere in between. Your giants might be smart or dull, gullible or clever, or they could be as varied as people are with each one being unique much as you or I am unique (distinct from one another).

Here is one of the ways that I have run giants IMC. First of all mine are not uniform, being varied as people are. Some will be one way and some another.. You cannot fool all of them, but you may be able to fool some of them. My giants are mostly Neutral, with some being Chaotic and some Lawful as an overall average. Some races tend to be more one thing than another. Giants may congregate in communities or they may be loners off by themselves. They have their own laws, customs, traditions and culture. 

Giants love to throw boulders and among themselves have sporting events for both distance and accuracy. The larger the giant the farther they can throw the same size boulder and the larger the boulder they can throw. The largest giants using smaller boulder have been known to out range even longbows. Giants will sometimes throw a boulder very near to someone as a warning  and they usually on give one warning. Giants can throw while walking with only a -2 to Hit.

In melee, giants usually use large clubs, but the more intelligent ones will use giant size swords, axes, hammers and mauls when available and some giants are fabled blacksmiths and weaponsmiths. Giants will also wear armor when available. 

Some giants are quite peaceful unless threatened or surprised.  Some giants like to trade and will bargain shrewdly with you. They  know the value of the goods they make and will take advantage of the naive in a trade. Giants have also been known to form alliance with parties that they meet and most (note most) giants will honor any agreement they make and hold to the letter of it. If the other party double deals with them or otherwise breaks the agreement giants often seek revenge either immediately or at a time of there choosing.

Giants are fond of novelties and often have unique one of a kind magical items along with other treasures. Like dragons, giants are very jealous and possessive of their treasures, but unlike dragons they have been known to trade items, if they believe they are getting the better of the deal.

Giants in their natural habitat can blend into the environment and have surprised many people by seeming to come form nowhere all of a sudden. For something so large giants are oddly very good at hiding and moving quietly. The more intelligent giants are very good at tactics and using terrain to their advantage. 

IMC there are a variety of monsters that can be found around giants and some types of monsters are kept by giants as pets. Dire wolves, cave bears and sabortooth cats are favored by some. Others use gelatinous cubes to clean their living spaces. Griffons, hippogryphs, umber hulks, and owl bears are kept by others.. All of these more mobile pets are known to be quite obedient and serve as willing guards and trackers for their giant masters.

Those wise to the way of the world, know not to understand estimate goblins or giants. Either one is subject to surprising you in ways you would never imagine.

Tomorrows Topic is "What about Gelatinous Cubes?"

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