Saturday, March 3, 2018

Scot Hoover aka Kellri - Scot's Stroke Xray Bill Go Fund Me Update Second Stroke!!!

Update on 3/15/2018 from Allan Grohe with Black Blade Publishing:
In case folks hadn't heard, Scot suffered a second stroke on Wednesday or Thursday last week (this was breaking news over the course of GaryCon). 

If you haven't donated to the GoFundMe campaign yet, there is still time to do so, and the need is as great now as it was previously, if not more so! 

Black Blade will be donating $500 to support Scot.

My wife and I are going through major health challenges and the bills are mounting so Scot we feel your pain. My wife has end stage renal disease and inoperable ovarian cancer and has been in the hospital with complications. She is now out to a rehab center for physical therapy and I have to stay away for a few days with a high fever.  I jumped on-line and I saw this and I had to give a little and I ask you to give a little too (or a lot if you can).

To quote Allan Grohe:

Scot Hoover has a GoFundMe page up for helping to recover from a stroke he had last week. In old-school gaming circles, Scot goes by Kellri and has contributed substantially to the old-school gaming community through his writings and blog at His GoFundMe is @ Scot's Stroke Xray Bill and could use whatever support you're willing to throw his way.

Scot's Stroke Xray Bill

I'm 49  years old, I will be 50 in two weeks. I have been an American blogger writer and a English teacher living and  writing in Vietnam for the past 19 years.I  have been a single father supporting my  two teenage children Sam,  and Siobhan for the past 6 years in Vietnam  Last week I suffered  life threatening and debilitating stroke which has left me unable to write. According to my doctor I need to get an MRI as soon as possible.  I have no health or medical insurance this campaign will mean I will be ale to pay my rent an medical expenses and continue supporting my children until I am on the road to recovery . Those of you who know me know that I have always refused to crowdfund my writing projects all of which have always been provided as free downloads for the past 10 years. I currently have two completed books which I also intend to provide a to the old school RPG community as free downloads.  I will be extremely grateful for any help my friends and family are willing to contribute.

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