Sunday, March 13, 2011

Player mix and other stuff

I feel very lucky with the player mix that has developed. I have two very good old school players in my game. A couple of guys with some playing experience and then a whole slew of players with no experience to speak of. Since the campaign started in July of 2009 we have played every month without missing a game. I did have once solo game during that stretch and 3 games with two players. All of the other games have ranged from 3-9 players per game with 5-6 being the most common. We have now had 17 different people play in this campaign and 13 of those are people who are currently playing every now and then.

My 16 (now 17) yr old player has only missed one game out of 21 consecutive games from July of 2009 through March of 2011. This player is really maturing as a OD&D player really developing a great feel for the game. One of the older guys in the game early on called for him to be the leader of the group and the group agreed and he has been the leader of the party ever since. Currently his character is the longest running in the game and the highest level (7th). His first character was the first to die permanently in the game and his current character obtained a ring of regeneration at about 4th level IIRC and has went to zero hit points at least 10 times since then. As the designated leader, the highest level fighter and the possessor of the ring of regeneration he is always one that fights the toughest foe and a several times he has killed the opponent on the same round he went to zero himself. He has also learned not to stand in front of a chest when you open it and many other valuable lessions. :)

My house rule on death is currently as follows:  at 0 HP to -10 HP you are unconscious and the ref rolls a d12. That is the number of melee rounds the other players have to give you first aid or you die. If I roll a 1 on the d12 you die, since that meant it was impossible for anyone to give your first aid. The higher I roll, the better chance the player has of surviving. So far about 8 characters have died permanently.

A few game notes from December 2009.

This is an old post that was sitting in the draft bucket and I somehow missed it: This is from December of 2009.

In my current campaign, my December game, only my 16 year old player could make it - so I ran a solo game for him. At one point he is exploring a portion of a dungeon and he forces a door and goes into a room where there is a fairly substantial treasure and I had placed a real monster of an ogre in the room as the guardian and instead of being a max of 25 HP this ogre had 60 HP. The Character was a 3rd level fighter with 14 HP and no bonuses at all except a magic sword +1 and magic chainmail +1. I gave him an opportunity to back out of the room and flee, but he didn't take it - he advanced to fight.

(Now in all of our previous games, this kid rolled so poorly I was really beginning to feel badly about it and so earlier this particular evening I picked up the dice that he had been throwing an average of 6 on a d20 in the previous games and I rolled it 10 times and averaged about 15. Then I handed it to him and told him that as long as he rolled it and made it bounce around like I did he would have a great evening and some stories to tell the next time we got together.)

Back to the fight - he tackled that ogre and started rolling like you never saw before. He beat the ogre in a straight up one on one fight. Now one thing I do is if you roll a 20 I let you roll again and if it is another 20 you get double damage against a higher level monster. Well right in the middle of this fight after rolling a couple of 18's, a 16 and a 17, he then rolls a double 20 and the max of 6 points damage doubled plus 1 for the sword for 13 points. Now he was down to 1 HP himself at the end, but he didn't roll anything on the d20 less than a 14 and he rolled on the d6 a 4 or better on every roll. He was on a high after that and ended up making quite a haul for himself.