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Ye Olde (Dungeons & Dragons) School Modules/Adventures (Free) (posted with perm)

The following is a list of free old school and some not so old school modules or adventures which are free to anyone to download and use for their own campaign. While I am perfectly okay with anyone who is producing new materials and selling them, I do want to give an appreciative shout out to everyone producing fan materials and distributing them for free. Please download only a few things at a time and don't abuse anyone's bandwidth. Some materials may be posted on smaller sites and  I would not want to discourage anyone from providing their items because of bandwidth costs. I will also echo Landifarne and if you have anything to add please let us know.  

The primary link is Links to 300+ Free Modules/Adventures (DF and Others)

Landifarne said:
Here is a list of links to free modules/adventures posted online (Dragonsfoot and other sites). Much of the list comes from Gnarly Bones' sticky, and I have gleaned what I can from the threads herein. It is by no means complete, and is meant to help members of DF find adventure resources. If certain gaming platforms are off limits, then I will remove their links as soon as I receive notification.
Please post new links and/or suggestions so that I may update this thread. -Landifarne
Thanks again to Landifarne for letting me use his post and he gave me permission to use his updates which is greatly appreciated and of course he has my permission to use any updates that I add.

Please note that there are some 3E,3.5E, d20 and other toward the bottom - many, if not most, old school referees should be able to convert pretty much on the fly and use these if desired.

Dragonsfoot Module/Adventure Downloads (Arranged by Level):

To Light the Shadows (for level 1, LL)
The Haunted Keep (for level 1, Classic)
GL0 The Haunted Tower (for level 1, Classic)
High Atop Dragonmount (for level 1, 1E)
The Lost Chalice of Father Thomas (for level 1, 1E, Footprints)
The Mad Demigod’s Castle (for level 1, 1E)
Pop Goes the Meazel (for level 1, 1E) 
Spider Farm (for level 1, 1E, Melford Series#1) 
The Melford Murder (for level 1, 1E, Melford Series#2)
Shrine of the Oracle (for level 1, 1e, Melford Series#3)
B11a: Priest's Errand (for level 1, 1e, Footprints #23)
F1: Zombie Curse (for level 1, 1E)
Into the Shrieking Hollow (for level 1, 1E or 2E)
Blacktop Vale (for levels 1-2, Footprints)
Stele of the Silver Thane (1E, levels 1-2)
The Banked Swamp (for low levels, 1E)
The Tavern of Deadnu (for levels 1-3, 1E)
Lake of Sorrows (for levels 1-3, 1E, Footprints)
HM1 The Disappearance of Harold the Hedge Mage (for levels 1-3, 1E)
DF17 The Endless Tunnels of Enlandin (for levels 1-3, Classic) 
AJ1 Fugitive (for levels 1-3, Classic)
F2: Crypt of Kendall Furfoot (for levels 1-3, 1E)
Goblins Tooth I: Moonless Night (for levels 1-3, 1E/2E)
Goblins Tooth II: Faces of Love (for levels 1-3, 1E/2E)
The Haunted Inn of the Little Bear (for levels 1-3, 1E, Footprints)
GL1 The Nameless Dungeon (for levels 1-3, Classic)
Stop the Goblin Raid (for levels 1-3, 1E, Footprints) 
The Village with No Name (for levels 1-3, 1E)
Voices of the Three (for levels 1-3, C&C)
Cold Drake Canyon (for levels 1-3+, Classic)
The Beast of Geshtein (for levels 1-4, 1E)
HS1 The Village of Rashtan (for levels 1-4, for HM series, 1E)
Beneath the Darkshroud Peaks (for levels 2-3, 1E, Melford Series #4)
The Dead Down Below (for levels 2-3, 2E, Footprints)
The Barrow of the Moon Druid (for levels 2-4, 1E)
Bandit Stronghold (for levels 2-4, 1E, Footprints) 
Church of the Poisoned Mind (for levels 2-4, 2E)
F3: Adventure in Skull Pass (for levels 2-4, 1E)
The Garden of the Hag Queen (for levels 2-4, Classic)
HM2 The Hunt for Istan (for levels 2-4, 1E)
Shipwreck at Har’s Point (for levels 2-4, 1E)
Pulling Strings (for levels 3-4, Footprints)
No Bones About It (for levels 3-5, 2e, Footprints #23)
Terror in the FOrrest Gizzik (for levels 3-5, 1E)
L4 Devilspawn (for levels 3-5, 1E)
The Cat's Meow (for levels 3-5, 1E, Footprints) 
Red Tam’s Bones (for levels 3-5, 1E) 
Shadow Over Pendleton (for levels 3-5, Classic)
Where the Fallen Jarls Sleep (for levels 3-5, 1E, Her Dark Majesty Series #1)
The Secret of the Wood of Dark Boughs (for levels 3-5, 1E, Footprints) 
The Tomb of Rokoss the Undying (for levels 4-6, 1E)
The Tower of Azal'Lan (for levels 4-6, 1E)
The Ebony Tower (for levels 4-6, 1E, Footprints)
Tower of the Elephant (for levels 4-6, 1E, Footprints)
Beneath Black Towen (for levels 4-6, 1E, Her Dark Majesty Series #2)
The Mired Cathedral (for levels 4-6, 1E, Footprints)
HM3 The Chaos Halls of Belzir (for levels 4-6, 1E)
The Corrupt Crypt of Ilmater (for levels 4-6, 1E)
Watchers on the Whyestil (for levels 4-6, 1E, Footprints) 
L5B: The Kroten Adventures (Len Lakofka's last L Module)
The Battle for Gib Rus (for levels5-7, 1E, tournament) 
Stormcrows Gather (for levels 5-7, 1E, Her Dark Majesty #3)
The Emperor’s Lost Army (for levels 5-7, 1E, OA, Footprints) 
Lost Shrine of Tharizdun (for levels 5-7, 1E, Footprints) 
Trident Rock (for levels 5-7, 1E) 
The Temple Diancecht (for levels 5-7, 1E)
The Ruins of the White Watch (for levels 5-8, 1E)
The Monastery of the Order of Crimson Monks (for levels 5-9, 1E)
Isensan’s Secret (for levels 6-8, 1E) 
Death from Above (for levels 6-9, 1E, Footprints) 
Horror of Spider Point (for levels 7-9, 1E)
Ice Maidens fo the Frozen Horn (for levels 8-10, Expert/BECMI)
Lair of the Demodand (for levels 8-12, 1E)
Keeper of the Old Faith (for levels 9-14, 1E, Footprints)
AJ2 Vandar’s Lost Home (for levels 9-14, Classic)
Citadel of the Carrion Eaters (for levels 10+, Footprints#23, 1E)
The Forgotten City of Al-Arin (for levels 10-14, 1E)
The Howling Hills (for levels 10-14, 1E) 
Skein of the Death Mother (for levels 10-14, 1E)
The False Tomb of Horrors (for levels 12-14, 1E, Footprints)

Other Dragonsfoot Modules (May Be Difficult to Convert):

The Red Swamp (*Savage Worlds)
Shades of Terror (*Savage Worlds, Adult Content)
Dungeon Crawl (*Savage Worlds)

Other Sites' 1E Compatibles:

The Pits of Wob (levels 0-1)
The Taking of Siandabhair (levels 4-7, by Graeme Davis)
Find the Lady (levels 1-3, by Graeme Davis)
Dragotha's Lair (2E, Download button at bottom)
G4-G9 Against the Giants Supermodule (Fool with download button)
Sraa Keep Adventure (levels 5-7)
The Smoking Pillars of Lan Yu (OA, levels 1-3)
Book of Low Level Lairs 1 (& mag supplement, levels 1-3)
Ice Tombs of the Frost Jotuns (& mag #10, levels 9-12) 
White Plume Mountain: Reconciled (1E, for high levels, WotC Map found here)
The Palace of Queen Ehlissa (1E, for levels 1-8)
[strike] Lost Temple of Pelor (TVoH/ToEE side adventure, low levels)[/strike]
Prince Charming: Reanimator (DCC, for level 0!)
The Ancient Academy (levels?)
Abandoned Mine of the Bandit King (for levels 1-4)
The Fireforge Mini-Adventure (for levels 7+, 1E, & Magazine)
The Ogress of Anubis 
The Shrine of Hecate (for levels 1-3, 1E, & Magazine)
Wengreth's Hoard (for levels 6-7, 1E, & Magazine)
Rage from the Waves (for levels 5-7, 1E, & Magazine)
Gnoll Tower (for low levels, 1E, & Magazine)
Valley of Eternal Rest (for levels 4-7, 1E, & Magazine)
The Wreck of the Stalwart Lady (for levels 3-5, 1E, & Magazine)
Temple of the Ghoul (for levels 1-3)
Orc’s Nest
DD1 Sword Against Thievery
DD2 Stealing the Night Away
Quest of the Mist Golem
WGH2 The Temple of the Sun
WGH3 Into the Howling Hills
WGH4 Tombs of the Howling Hills
WGH5 Lords of the Howling Hills
Encyclopedia Subterranica
Sordid Stories from the Mother City (for low levels)
Systema Tartarobases (CC, for levels 3-5, gonzo)
To the City of Brass (levels 7-10, 1E, written by Bob Kuntz) 
Lost in the Mountain (incomplete, levels 4-7, 1E)
Nightmare on Hill Manor(White Wolf)
The Mysterious Shrine(Hackmaster)
FO2- Forstal's Final Rest (Filbar adventure, for low levels)
Caverns of Temeluc(from Dungeon Crawl #2, for low levels)
The Caves of Ortok from Infinibadger (PWYW, levels 3-5)
Howler (PWYW)
Tree Maze of the Twisted Druid 

Archived Sites' 90s Adventures: [If a link goes foul down the line, just ask. I'll PM you the file]

The Lost Temple of the Elements (Earth Temple) (levels 9-12)
Air Temple of the Elder Elemental God (level 9-12)
Fire Temple of the Elder Elemental God (levels 9-12)
Water Temple of the Elder Elemental God (levels 9-12)
The Elemental Crypt (levels 9-12)
The Aardvark’s Den (levels 4-7)
Beg Steal or Barrow (levels 1-3)
The Blackrock Brothers Abroad (levels 3-5)
The Ruined Shrine (Bordyn) 
Broken Ground (Mystara, levels 9-10)
Castle Glencombe 
The Catacombs of Farthis (levels 2-5)
Catherdral of the Dead (level 3-5)
The Cauldron of Bohn (levels 6-8)
The Caves of Zyvanna (levels 7-9)
Temple of the Chained Demon (levels 4-8)
The Chillwater Treaty (levels 6-9)
The Dragon’s Quest (levels 5-8)
The Night of the Living Dead 
The Demon’s Return (levels 6-10)
Dhowin’s Rest 
The Displaced (levels 5-7) Garry J Sled…can anyone find him and get the map?
Dragon Kill (level 9)
Ecclesias’ Bane (levels 3-5)
Holy Order of the Eternal 
Ewsdek’s Regret (levels 1-2)
The Farthis Village (levels 1-3)
The Fiends of Tethyr (levels 5-8)
Garden Blacksun Base 
Gholand Keep (levels 8-10)
Deserted Settlements (Glancombe) 
Were Off to Kill Goblins (levels 1-2)
Gone Fishing and The Sub 
The Tower of Guldar Heel 
House of the Hawk 
The King’s Tomb 
Legend - The Company of Skiff 
Let’s Play Ball 
A Little Local Difficulty 
The Lost Mine of Klangdensturm (levels 6-9)
The Mace of Infirmity (levels 7-9)
Barule - Mines of Barule (levels 6-8)
Discovery of the Tomb of Mogrelden (levels 1-2)
The Return of the Prodigal Son (levels 8-10)
The Lost Pyramid (levels 7-9)
Doctor Quilto’s Secret 
The Test of Randor the Great (levels 7-9)
Ransom (Mystara, levels 8-10)
The Reluctant Bride 
The Search for a Cure 
Assault on the Good Temple of Rannance (levels 4-7)
The Scarlet Mark (levels 5-7)
The Tower of Refuge 
( Murder in Allendorf & Uigmuir Manor 
Vault of Time (levels 7-10)
( Volnay 

Other Sites' Classic Compatibles:

A Parliament of Owls (levels 4-7, LL)
The Dark Rookery (levels 5-7, LL)
Tomb of the Feathered Mage (levels 6-8, LL)
Troubling Events (for level 1, LL)
Sethotep (levels 2-4, by Graeme Davis)
The Black Ruins (levels 1-3)
The Secret of Red Rock Hill (LL, levels 1-2, C&C Domesday Book, Mag pg 38)
The Stone Alignments of Kor Nak (0E/S&W)
Catacombs of Death (Expert/Companions, for levels 12-15, DF module)
The Bane of Eoric (for levels 1-3, at bottom of page)
The Lizarmen of Illzathathach (PWYW, for LL, for low levels)
Secrets of the Old City (for 0E, for low levels)
The Curse of Cragbridge (PWYW, LL, for levels 1-3)
Winds of the Ice Forest (PWYW, LL, for levels 1-3)
Clatterdelve (S&W or LL, for levels 1-2)
The Last Princess (PWYW, BFRPG, for levels 8-10)
Trouble at Imp Brucke (PWYW, Dyson's Dodecahedron #8, BX or LL, for levels 6-7)
A Devourer Most Foul (PWYW, Dyson's Dodecahedron #7, BX or LL, for levels 5-7)
Welcome to Erdea Manor, Part 1 (PWYW, Dyson's Dodecahedron #4, BX or LL, for levels 3-6)
Erdea Manor's Depths and Catacombs (PWYW, Dyson's Dodecahedron #5, BX or LL, for levels 3-6)
Ruins of the Gorgon (PWYW, Dyson's Dodecahedron #3, BX or LL, for level 4)
Atarin's Delve (PWYW, Dyson's Dodecahedron #1, BX or LL, for level 4)
The Keep of the Necromancer (S&W compatible, for low levels)
Thrymjahellir (2 pager, levels 4-7, link is at the bottom)
The Hanging Garden (2 pager, levels 1-3, link is at the bottom)
The Caves of Cormakir the Conjurer (LL, for levels 1-3?)
Slave Pits of Abhoth (LL, for levels 4-7?)
Shrine of the Demon Depths (for low levels) 
Nashka's Lair (small orc lair for levels 1-3)
KH-1 Something's Rotten in Riverton (for level 1, Classic)
Three Sad Wizards (for levels 1-2, Classic and 1E suitable)
BL1-2 The Ruined Hamlet/Terror in the Gloaming (for levels 1-2, Classic)
Death Mask (for levels 1-3, Classic, Encounter Magazine #1)
Out of the Shadows (Classic, levels 1-3, Encounter Magazine #2)
The Oracle of Talena (for low levels, Classic, Encounter Magazine #3)
Quest for the Enchanted Sword (for level 1, Classic, for kids, Encounter Magazine #4)
BF1 Morgansfort
BF2 Fortress, Tomb and Tower: The Glain Campaign
JN1 The Chaotic Caves
JN2 Monkey Isle
SG1 Saga of the Giants: Hill Giant Hall
SG2 Saga of the Giants: Caverns of the Stone Giants
SG3 Saga of the Giants: Frost Giant Fortress
SG4 Saga of the Giants: Fire Giant Forge
SG5 Saga of the Giants: CLoud Giant Castle
DC1 Tales from the Laughing Dragon
AA1 Adventure Anthology (Fourteen Short Adventures for levels 1-6)
Blueholme: The Maze of Nuromen (for 1st level)
Chaotic Caves II (for levels 1-4)
Dreaded Island (for levels 4-6)
TSR '83 Basic Starter Adventure (basic starter adventure from WOC's website)
TSR '77 Basic Starter Adventure (basic starter adventure from WOC's website)
Gold in the Hills (levels 1-3, BFRPG)
The Tomb of Sigyfel (levels 1-3, LL)
The Charmed Grotto (levels 5-8, BX)
The Sewers of Travon(BX)
The Courtyard of Gerald Red(levles 1-3, LL)
Dyson’s Delve, All 11 Levels(levels 1-6, BX)
Return to the Ziggurat (a Dyson work)
A Return to the Ruins on Corvel Mount (a Dyson work)
Challenge of the Frog Idol (levels 3-6, LL)
Infinite Caves of the Shroom Goblins (LL)
Prison of the Hated Contender (LL, for levels 0-1)
The Red Demon (LL, for levels 2-4, gonzo ASE)
Obelisk of Forgotten Memories (LL, for levels 1-2, gonzo ASE)
Tempus Gelidium (LL, for levels 3-5, gonzo ASE)
Dungeons Are Real (S&W, for level 1) 
Halls of the Gods (LL, for low levels)
Hostages at the Wizard Academy (BFRPG, for levels 3-5)
A Shortcut to Fortune (BFRPG, for levels 3-5)
The Manse on Murder Hill (LL, for levels 3-5)
Targker Goblins (PWYW, LL, for levels 1-3, in Brave the Labyrinth #3)
The Screams From Jedder's Hole (PWYW, LL, for levels 4-5, in Brave the Labyrinth #1)
Taglar’s Tomb (PWYW, for S&W, Low Level)
A Promise of Vengeance Fulfilled (PWYW, LL, 5th-7th)
Fabled Curse of the Brigand Crypt (PWYW, LL, 1st-3rd)
The Lost Staves of Maurath (PWYW, LL, 4th-6th)
The Ruined Tower of Hilsosk the Mad (PWYW, LL, for levels 1-3, in Brave the Labyrinth #4)
The Beleaguered Burrow (PWYW, LL, for levels 1-3)
Graveyard of Dusk (LL, low levels, very short)
Taglar's Tomb (PWYW, LL, low levels)
The Mausoleum of L.P. Silvereyes (not sure if this is a repeat)

Other Sites' Any-RPG Compatibles:

SLave Pits of Sippar (Blood & Bronze System)
The Tower of Horace Sharpcheeks (for level 1)
The Undertemple of Arkon (PWYW, for levels 1-3)
Keroth's Bridge (S&W, for levels 5-7)
Come To Daddy (Swords and Wizardry, levels 4-6)
No Country for Weak Men (Blood and Treasure Adventure, levels 3-5)
Abandoned Smugglers Caves and Crabfishmen
They Came from the Stars (for levels 1-3)
Mischievous Monsters (for low levels)
Escape from Groncho's Lair (for levels 1-3)
The Hidden Tomb of Slaggoth the Necromancer (for low levels)
The Black Tower (from Midkemia Press)
Citadel of Evil (for levels 1-3)
Gone Fishin’ (for low levels)
Shrine of the Scaled One (for low levels)
White Palette, Ivory Horns (for low levels, Hackmaster)
Swords and Wizardry Quick Start (S&W)
The Last Priest of Sebek (levels 7-10, S&W at Lulu)
Nautical Adventure: The Temple of Tides (levels 3-5, LotFP)
The Pathway to the Stars (LotFP)
The Haunted Tower on the Hill (LotFP)
The Pythagorean Triage (LotFP, levels 1-3)
Better Than Any Man (LotFP, Pay WHat You Want, levels 1-4)
Shane's Delve (no stats, low levels)

Other Sites' OGLs:

The Santa Situation (levels 3-5)
B1 The Tumbled Tower (for level 1)
A Typical Tomb (3E)
The Werewolves of Hargaldor (3E)
A Derelict House (3E)
A Simple Lair (3E)
An Abandoned Fortress (3E)
Set’s Daughters (for level 10, 3E with 1E feel)
W0: The Wizard’s Amulet (for level 1, 3E with 1E feel, *free accessory award winner)
Canonfire Chronicles Adventures (3 adventures)] (3.5E Greyhawk Adventures)
The Auroral Arcazal of Aethaungor(d30 system)
Temple of Maldiboga (Levels 2-4, Portal to Adventure System)
Stonehell Supplement Brigand Cave
A Thief Amongst Us (d20, levels 1-2)
Curse of Manslaughter Manor (3.5E, levels 1-2)
For Whom the War Rages (3E, for level 3)
Gabberson's Keep (3E, for level 1)
Introduction to Amberdale (d20, for level 1)
Sacred Temple (3E, for level 2)
Old Rock Tower (3E, for level 4-6)
Temple of Pelor (3E, for level 5-7)
The Underway (3E, for level 4)
Thieves' Guild (2E)
Trouble at Troublewater (3.5E)
Slaves of Time (3E)
The Circlet of Life (3E)
The Desolation of Oakhurst (Mazes and Monsters, levels 5-7)
Howler (d20/3E)
The Cooperative Dungeon Compendium (d20/3E, 4 separate adventures)

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  1. Hey, the links you posted for the Basic Fantasy Project adventures go directly to the downloads themselves; since they may change, you'd be advised to use links leading to the Downloads page instead.

    For instance, the Saga of the Giants modules have been merged, so all of those links are broken. I recommend replacing them with a link to that part of the Downloads page:

    BF1, BF2, JN1, and JN2 links are all like this:

    just change the product code at the end. I think DC1 is that way as well.

  2. Thank you for the information and I will make a note to myself and update them as soon as I have some time, hopefully within the next few days. I appreciate you taking the time to let me know.

  3. I later let Chris know that he should contact the source of my information. Since I update this with a since copy and paste. It does not appear to have been updated yet as he recommends, so I may have to fix my list yet.