Sunday, December 17, 2017

ERKA, DATG and Sunken City Christmas Special

Don't miss this special from Rob Kuntz and TLB Games. Reposted from the Lake Geneva Original RPG Campaign  Blog!

Holiday Greetings from Rob & Nathalie!

Let us get into the Christmas spirit with some great offers, shall we!

We have just launched a Christmas Special across El Raja Key Archive, with great offers to treat yourself and the D&D gamers in your circles:

🎅   ❄️  🎄
But wait! There is more! 
🎅   ❄️  🎄
It feels like Christmas has come early!

Friday, December 15, 2017

New AD&D/D&D podcast - The Dungeon Master's Handbook

I copied this with permission from chicagowiz as it is a very interesting and quite good podcast.

Hello! I've started a new podcast about running AD&D/Classic D&D campaigns - my experiences, lessons, tips and tricks from 9 years of running a multi-group, Tony Bath-esque world. I've recorded four episodes so far, and I'm looking to release new episodes every two weeks.

I host at SoundCloud. You can find us there or on iTunes, Google Play Music, bluebrry or grab the RSS feed and put it into your podcast player:

RSS Feed:

If you like what you hear, please leave me a review on iTunes or Soundcloud!
I'm running a campaign with multiple political entities that hosts multiple RPG groups, wargame scenario/campaigns and anything else I can throw in there including personas from each who have yearly/seasonal events that affect them. Tony Bath in my inspiration for doing this.

I highly reccomend that you give this a listen if you are interested in the topic.