Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Public Domain Books

If you like to read old books, here is a website for you, it has links to old books that you may enjoy reading. I post some samples below. 

Caveat: You should check to see if this is public domain in the country in which you reside before downloading and reading.

These books I link to below are ones that I have dead tree copies of and have read many times. Great resource here and I have only begun to explore it. They have free downloads and they also have ebooks for sale too! Prices see pretty fair to me.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

METHUSELAH: Class-based System for using Chainmail with OD&D

This was in my email this morning. I do not know who sends me these things, but someone apparently likes me. This looks pretty cool to me.

derv wrote:

For a flawless transition within your current campaign I offer you METHUSELAH- a class-based combat system for using Chainmail with OD&D
Allow effortless flow of play from the dungeon to the fields of battle. From the first steps of a low level character to the high level rule of empires, METHUSELAH has you covered.
This Broken Spoke Production includes:
METHUSELAH Complete- no art
METHUSELAH Bestiary reference sheets
The Combat Tables (included in Complete)
A Micro-crawl "Sir Silvermane's Quest" (So you and your group can give it a spin)
Get METHUSELAH while supplies last!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Robert J Kuntz essay: "Advent of the Elder Ones: Mythos vs. Man in the Lake Geneva Original Campaign, 1973-1976" (Originally appeared in AFS #2)

Robert J Kuntz has posted an essay at Facebook that originally appeared in AFS#2 which I would guess most are like me and have never seen it before. Enjoy!

"Advent of the Elder Ones: Mythos vs. Man in the Lake Geneva Original Campaign, 1973-1976" (Originally appeared in AFS #2) By Robert J. Kuntz ©2012, Robert J. Kuntz. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners and are used for historical purposes only and as provided for by the Fair Use copyright clause.
In early 1973 I created the beginnings of an ever-expanding story arc involving the advent of the Elder Ones in the known planes of existence. That beginning grew to span most of my published career, has informed play from that point forward in its most granular aspects, and has been responsible as a launching point for so many projects, both published and unpublished that I now need a list to track the interrelatedness of it all. I have appended that list (with short descriptions) hereafter and will explore a selection from this in the main article (*asterisk notes the selections covered).

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Update for Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars RPG

The Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars RPG Kickstarter now has a 26 page The Quick Start rules and adventure for Night Shift pdf available for download. Just follow the link to download and take a look!

A New Facebook Posted Essay & A New Column at EN World by Robert J Kuntz

Over on Facebook Robert J Kuntz at Three Line Studio account published an excerpt from his grouped essays. Go to From Blackmoor to D&D (Extracted from my grouped essays).

In addition, he also writes (in part) on his blog:(New EN World Column: #1)
I am now an author for EN World with a monthly column.  Six lead columns have been submitted to EN World with the first being published several days ago:
In an earlier Facebook post he writes that:

All six of my lead column installments plus their 19 illustrations/images were sent to Morrus minutes ago. In total they exceeded 7,000 words. I await his response as to when the first of six monthlies will be posted.--RJK

Friday, October 4, 2019

Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars RPG Kickstarter is Live!!

Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars RPG

Elf Lair Games presents a horror/urban fantasy RPG by two industry veterans, debuting a new system derived from old-school mechanics.

Night Shift: Veterans of the Supernatural Wars

Debuting the new Elf Lair Games house system, O.G.R.E.S., Night Shift is an urban fantasy, horror, and dark modern supernatural game that uses old-school mechanics derived from the original, basic, expert, and advanced versions of the World's Most Famous Role Playing Game. It allows you to mimic all the tropes of just about any film, TV series, or novels you like.
All of the following are possible with Night Shift:
  • Cheerleaders that are chosen to slay vampires, granted with extranormal powers to accomplish their destiny;
  • Sisters imbued with the power of chosen witches;
  • Worlds where Fae of all manner battle in the politics of light and dark;
  • The great-grandniece of a famous gunslinger inherits the legacy of the demon hunter;
  • A world where two brothers armed with knowledge and weapons hunt the supernatural in their father's name;
  • And more!
Night Shift is built to handle just about any sort of urban fantasy you can dream up, using the tropes of classic horror-based television, motion pictures, comics, and novels.
 Designed by industry veterans Jason Vey and Timothy Brannan, whose names have appeared in such products as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ghosts of Albion, Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, C.J. Carella's WitchCraft, All Flesh Must be Eaten!, Nightbane, Amazing Adventures, Castles & Crusades and more, this game brings together two noted designers with decades of combined experience. 
Within its pages, you'll find:
  • Complete character generation using familiar stats
  • Major character archetypes, including the Survivor ("I've seen something weird"), Veteran ("I hunt something weird"), Chosen One ("I am the weird thing that other weird things fear"), Theosophist ("I see weird dead things"), Psychic ("I sense and control something weird"), Sage ("I study weird things"), and Witch/Warlock ("I am something weird")
  • Complete rules for magic, psychic powers, and necromancy/spirit channeling
  • Customizable supernatural character race--play a werewolf, vampire, succubus, or fae
  • An optional skills system to expand what your character can do
  • A simple rules system comprised of three basic mechanics, designed for fast and intuitive play
  • Variant styles and levels of play that modify the system to represent gritty, realistic, and cinematic styles
  • A GM section with tips and tricks on creating a series, seasons, and more, as well as guildelines for building custom character classes
  • A full bestiary with all of the classic monsters like werewolves, vampires, demons, devils, zombies, mummies, and a few new surprises
  • Several complete mini-settings you can use to get up and running right away
  • Conversion rules to use the game with Original and B/X, and O.R.C.S (Elf Lair's Spellcraft & Swordplay) systems
  • A complete alternate combat system, which hearkens back to the very earliest days of the hobby, before the publication of the first version of the World's Most Famous RPG.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Dave Arneson Game Day October 1st, 2019 (part two)

Blackmoor Week started on September 24th and concludes today October 1st with Dave Arneson Game Day (his birthday).

I thought in this second of two posts that I would like to some of the other things that have been going on this past eight days.

Let us start with Havard's Blackmoor Blog!

Greg Svenson's Noble House of Zvenzen Sourcebook Out Now! - Dave Arneson Game Day Part 2
Note: If you follow the above link there is a free download, you do not want to miss!
At The Piazza, you can read about Dave Arneson ideas not found in D&D, Blackmoor's greater world and how to use Arnesonian elements in your games in new and original ways.

Also check out the following:
Dave Arneson Game Day 2019 is Today - Part 1: Welcome to the Party!  
 Are you up to date with everything from Blackmoor Week 2019? This is what we have done so far:
 Bonus link!
We Need to Make Sure Both Dave And Gary Are Remembered Megarry Says  
 David Megarry, designer of Dungeon!, friend to Dave Arneson and Original Blackmoor Player adresses the recent discussions surrounding Dave Arneson's role as Co-Creator of D&D. It's not really about one side supporting Dave and another supporting Gary, Megarry says:
Some Facebook Links
Secrets of Blackmoor - A Dungeons & Dragons Documentary
Today is Dave Arneson Game Day.
What Do You Want to Do? A "Secrets of Blackmoor" Review
🎲Imaginary Worlds🎲 Shooting has begun on Volume 2 of Secrets of Blackmoor.
 It will be more about the actual RPG campaigns in the Twin Cities, Blackmoor, Stellar 7, Empire of the Petal Throne, and more.
Yesterday we sat with Mike Carr and heard about what it was like to be the first ever Cleric in a D&D game.
Castle Blackmoor 

The MeWe Group
Blackmoor - David Arneson's First Fantasy Campaign

Blog Posts!
Dave Arneson Game Day October 1st, 2019 (part one)
Dave Arneson Game Day October 1st, 2019 (part two)  
Blackmoor Week and Dave Arneson Game Day!
Blackmoor Week 2019
Dave Arneson Blackmoor Week and Game Day 2019
Blackmoor Week 2019 (9/24/19)
Blackmoor Week Day One and Dave Arneson Game Day
How the Grognards really played (This is my kind of final interpretation of the way the Twin Cities gamers roleplayed before D&D:)
Car Wars Classic: Arnesonian roleplaying, Steve Jackson Games style
( (This is how Car Wars fits easily into the category "Arnesonian gaming":)
SUPERCONDENSATOR: freeform Traveller rules (PDF!) (And last, but not least, here are my Arnesonian Traveller rules, based on how Marc Miller plays it)
I Have a Plan...
Monks Come From Blackmoor 
Orcs of Mystoerth 
Monks Come From Blackmoor Part 2 
My Collection is Now Complete 
Blackmoor and Greyhawk 
Happy Dave Arneson Day 
Blackmoor and Me 
“Who in the World is Dave Arneson?” A Dave Arneson Homage, Part 1 of 2 
Learning from Dave Arneson’s Published Works A Dave Arneson Homage, Part 2 of 2

Dave Arneson Game Day October 1st, 2019 (part one)

Blackmoor Week this year has been very busy and I did not get to post as much as I would have liked, but I did get to game and that really is what it is all about. Blackmoor Week started on September 24th and concludes today October 1st with Dave Arneson Game Day. Today is Dave Arneson's Birthday and we celebrate a man who has given a tremendous amount to entire gaming community. All tabletop roleplaying games are based on his game engine.

While I did not get to play today, I did get to play on Saturday the 28th of Sept and I will be gaming again this coming Saturday the 5th of Oct.

While I have mainly reffed over the years it is always fun to move to the other side of the table as a player. I have always wondered if those who play, but do not ref understand how much work goes into getting ready for a game? The game I currently play in is a high prep game, although the ref is retired military and has the time, and I know that he puts a lot of time into getting the game ready and he is very organized. I on the other hand run a low prep game with a lot of improv, create on the fly and even when I have more time to prep the when I restart my game I will still run it the same basic way.

The game I am in runs for five hours at a time and that works well for the whole group which varies between five and eight players each time we meet. When I ref I have been running games about four or five hours long these days, although I prefer to run games that run for eight to twelve hours, but that has not happened since I graduated from college 40 years ago. I am hoping I can eventually have a game of that length once or twice a year.

The game I am in right now is a 2nd Ed AD&D game. I have never played 2E before as I am an OD&D ref and player (since Sept '75), although I have played and reffed some 1st Ed AD&D that was back in the late 90's for a while. Current characters in the game range from 3rd level to 7th level with death occuring every now and then, but we are gradually working our way to a higher level party. This game is heavy on undead and several of the undead are original and have unusual characteristics. One has a glowing area in his chest and when killed explodes and the bones fly around like scraptnle. Other monsters are also more deadly than standard.

We travel back and forth between an island that we are trying to completely take over and the mainland. We have to travel all over to multiple cities for training when one of us levels up and it is expensive. Everything goes into the party loot with magic divied up to you can best use it or needs it the most. Training and expenses are paid for out of the party funds. (yeah, no fighting over treasure)

Both time and resources are tracked and there are several pages of house rules which we all get a copy of.

Most recently we have been fighting with Merrow and Sahuagin with a few other allies. They occupy some caverns that have below water entrances that have to be accessed at low tide. We have from the outside been whittling them down and at the current time we returned after being away for a year. They have a lot of spell use that has made for some really tough battles, with shaman and witch doctors and such. Every battle has been really close to being a party wipe. This next game could wrap this up if we are lucky and we survive. It should be in that event a good haul. But the first thing we have to do this coming game is have several of the players roll saving throws for their magic items. Hopefully we will not lose to much of our stuff because we are going to need all of it.

The ref (DM) posts about these games over at Dragonsfoot. The thread title is (2e) Newbies to Kervasis and if you go to this link (2e) Newbies to Kervasis- scroll down to post 189 for a summary of session 59 the one we just played.