Saturday, October 12, 2019

METHUSELAH: Class-based System for using Chainmail with OD&D

This was in my email this morning. I do not know who sends me these things, but someone apparently likes me. This looks pretty cool to me.

derv wrote:

For a flawless transition within your current campaign I offer you METHUSELAH- a class-based combat system for using Chainmail with OD&D
Allow effortless flow of play from the dungeon to the fields of battle. From the first steps of a low level character to the high level rule of empires, METHUSELAH has you covered.
This Broken Spoke Production includes:
METHUSELAH Complete- no art
METHUSELAH Bestiary reference sheets
The Combat Tables (included in Complete)
A Micro-crawl "Sir Silvermane's Quest" (So you and your group can give it a spin)
Get METHUSELAH while supplies last!

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