Friday, July 14, 2017

Chris Yoder aka Clangador Moonthorpe long time Dragonsfoot member has passed away

 Christopher Yoder's memorial fund

The following was posted recently over at the Dragonsfoot Forums and I am taking the liberty of posting/quoting it here.
Hi all

It'll be no surprise to most regulars when I say that Chris Yoder, known on these forums as Clangador, has passed away. No surprise, but perhaps, still a bit of a shock. His widow and teenage sons are trying to raise money to pay for his funeral.

I'll say that again. Those boys and their mum are trying to figure out how they can afford to bury their dad.

Now, I realize that there's a recession on. For a lot of us, money is tight. Some Dragonsfooters aren't working. Others might have jobs, but still be struggling to make the rent each week. If you're in that position, then your well-wishes will of course be quite sufficient.

But I know that some of us are fortunate enough to be able to donate a couple of quid, a few dollars, maybe a shekel or two. For those people, I'd like to respectfully draw your attention to this link:-

Chris Yoder burial costs

Thanks for reading, and all the best

OK why am I posting this here? Because Chris Yoder brought a lot of good humor to the Dragonsfoot forums. People who joke and lighten the mood, probably don't get the appreciation they deserve. I didn't really know him except by reading his posts, but I am sad that he is gone and I want to help his widow and teenage sons take care of the funeral and honor this husband and father.