Friday, January 27, 2023

#Dungeon 23 Project - The Ruins of Mount Auyán (Day 027)

Area #1 continued: When fully mapped the map cavern is 2300' feet long and 400' wide for much of its length and the ceiling height varies from about 120' to 300' feet. There are approximately 85 passages leading out of the cavern and some of them are seen to tend upwards and some tend downwards with the majority tending to be fairly level.

The floor of the cavern is somewhat level with large boulder laying here and there and lots of stalactites and stalagmites. Some have joined to become columns. A river runs through the cavern; however, it can be crossed easily due to a large fallen oblong boulder that it flows under. There are areas with thousands and thousands of mushrooms and other areas with cave pearls, their are opening in the floor that form pits and other that seem to have no bottom. There are a variety of stones of various minerals and some could be valuable or otherwise useful.

There is no sign of recent habitation, but there are a number of areas where smaller stones have been used to build walls. These areas give every indication that they were lived in and the faint remnants of wood furniture are still present.

What do you do?

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