Tuesday, January 24, 2023

#Dungeon 23 Project - The Ruins of Mount Auyán (Day 024)

The players have come back to camp above ground, were awakened during the night with another earthquake. Investigating in the morning the stairway underground was no longer to be found. However, they do note that a ruined tower is present that was not previously there, so they investigate.

The tower stands nearly 100' in height with unknown amount of the top missing. Inside the base of the tower (Tower Room #1) they can see that nothing remains and the stairway up is also missing. They rig a way up to the second floor and find it with piles of rubble and broken furniture (Tower Room #2). They do find the remnant of the stairs to the 3rd floor and carefully make their way up the stairs to investigate.

On the 3rd floor (Tower Room #3) the find tables around the perimeter and a few windows. The center is empty but along one side is a device and looking at they find that on the wall side of this device (which is 9' long, 2' wide and 8' high) that there are tubes at about 5'8" off the floor that lead down into the device. These tubes are exactly the size of an arm. 

If one of the players sticks his arm down inside he will find at the end is a glove shape that will perfectly fit his hand and through it he can feel levers and wheels. There are enough of these for five men to use both arms at the same time.

If they do that, here is what will happen. Once all five men are manipulating the wheels and levers, they will suddenly feel the wheels be jerked out of their hands and start spinning. Then they will receive a strong shock that will throw them away from the device. Once they recover they will see that in the center of the room there is now a pool of water about 30' in diameter and the dark water will be deeper than a 10' pole, even though the floor underneath the room is only 2' thick. 

In the center of the pool is an island about 10' in diameter and on it are trees with thick foliage so that they cannot see what else might be there. The trees are tall and somehow seem to pass through the ceiling of the room, but it hurts your eyes to try to see where they apparently interface.

Using a hook they can throw a rope into the trees and secure it there, although they can not see deep enough to see that point in the trees. They can type the rope off in the room and climb across it onto the island. After the first climbs across, he sticks his head out and calls to his companions to come see this. 

Once they are across, they find themselves in a forest and descending to the ground, they cannot see any pool at all, in fact they can see nothing but trees for over 150' in any direction and that is as far as they can see. Having decided to explore, they end up traveling for hours and eventually they break out of the trees into a vast plain.

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