Thursday, January 26, 2023

#Dungeon 23 Project - The Ruins of Mount Auyán (Day 026)

To bring you up to date, so far there seem to have been two levels and a couple of sub-levels and parts of other levels. Also a really strange tower. The level nearest the ground surface has moved and different levels are coming to the surface OR has it just rotated bringing a different part of the level to the area being searched, OR maybe both are happening, but it is not yet known.

They search all day and late that evening they have found and cleared another opening both there is no stairway, instead they  seem to have found the mouth of a cave.

Area #1 The next morning they descend into the cavern which widens into a long, winding way about 50' in diameter and they gradually descend deeper into the earth. It circles and twists as it winds it way deeper, some places steeper than others. Finally it seems to bottom out and the dwarf remarks that you are over 1000' deep, maybe more from where you started. You come out into an open area, so large that you cannot see the walls or ceiling with the light source that you have.

What do you do?

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