Sunday, October 30, 2016

The El Raja Key Archive DVD - ordered Wed and delivered Sat!!!!!

The mail was delivered later than usual on Saturday and I did not check the mailbox until this morning. So ordered it Wednesday and it was delivered Saturday, which is pretty fast for the post office these days. Now I have the El Raja Key Archive DVD and I have test driven it and then copied the contents to my hard drive and test drove it again and it performed flawlessly! When you read the descriptions (historical information and backgrounds), at the bottom of that page are the images for that description. Click on an image and then scroll down to see each image, then what I do is click on the larger image and open in a new window. (open the large image not the thumbnail)

So far I have read/skimmed through about 100 pages of material (including the original Kalibruhn Supplement V manuscript), I will be going back and looking at it in much more in detail. Well worth the investment and I highly recommend it.

I love it and I will be spending a lot of time reading through the copious notes and descriptions. 

Thank you Rob!!!