Monday, November 21, 2016

Classic Traveller Play By Post Game(s)! (UPDATE!!)

Another member of my forum that goes by  Ronin84 is also starting a play by post Traveller Game Third Imperium Style and you can read the invitation here.

Original post below this point: 
Classic Traveller Play By Post Game(s)! Does this idea grab you?  On June 23rd this post was made over on my board: 1977 Traveller Setting Creation and in a short time (about 3 weeks) that expanded in a new forum on my board Space: 1977 which as of today accounts for a whole subsector - 39 Threads and 264 posts. That spawned this Play by Post Game by makofan with two different groups: Traveller - Murkhill Subsector is the forum for the game and just in the setup it has created 18 Threads and 452 posts and the game(s) for two groups should kickoff within the next 24 hours.

But wait! Did you not have a chance to get in on that game? Well lucky for you another guy that goes by ffilz also wants to start a Classic Traveller Play By Post Game! See this thread for information about that Looking for Traveller players for online game. Talk to him and see if it works for you to join the game he wants to run.

So come and look! Classic Traveller!!

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