Monday, October 3, 2016

UnSung Heroes of the OSR World! - Part V

Ok, here we go! Blackmoor Week 2016 is over, a wedding was attended and other things have been taken care of and it is time to resume the UnSung Heroes of the OSR World! series.

This series is to honor some of those who are out their doing stuff for the rest of us to use and will mainly be for those who are doing free items, although I do not rule out highlighting as UnSung someone doing a product that is being sold.  I may do a series down the road on products that are being sold. As I have said before, I think that both free and non-free deserve respect. Each persoln will need to decide what can be supported and that can be complicated for some.

So on to some blogs nominated by readers to assume the mantle of UnSung Heroes of the OSR World!

First up is Halfling's Luck authored by James Spahn. It runs the gamet from B/X D&D to 5E and to clones such as Labyrinth Lord. He has also done a number of reveiws. This blog has been around since 2014 and has 126 posts, here are just a few of the posts that I really enjoyed:
The Limits of the Fading Folk
Death and Purpose in Gaming
Our Bastard: Anti-Heroes in a Heroic Campaign
Keeping Items Magical

Pardon My Rant: Respect for the DM
Just to mention a few, that is a pretty good sample of the blog. It was suggested to me and I like it.

Another blog that was nominated was Planet Algol and it was highly touted by the one who nominated it. So let's take a look at it:
Here is a campaign journal sample from the blog:
The Expeditionary Journal of Xarnagan Vrokk Introduction
The Man Who Fell From The Sky And Other Important Events
Out of the Forbidden Mist and into the Tower of Tazar
Out of the Forbidden Mist and into the Hive of Sages
To Bring Back the Dead
This blog has been around since 2009 and has 644 mostly concentrated in the first three years of the blog. Here are a few of the posts:
Introduction to Planet Algol, it's Satellites and ...
Planet Algol Campaign Houserules 
Musing on Magic & Technological Items
Next up is Against The Wicked City is a blog that has been around since 2015 with about 185 posts.

Here is a little sample of the resources page - roughly one twelth of it:

 Against the Wicked City: Collected Information
Since I started this blog, I've uploaded a lot of material about the setting and system of ATWC. Like, well over a book's worth. So much that it's starting to get a bit tricky to keep track of it all.
I'm thus going to use this page as a handy way to keep it all in one place. I'll update it as I add more.

General Setting Information and Game Rules
Here are a few represenative posts, pretty sweet stuff:

Why central Asia is a perfect RPG setting (and why... 
D&D Monsters from improbable sources 1: Poems by e... 
Gaming in fantasy Central Asia: the Silk Road 
More Talking Animals: Wolves and Birds (playable c... 
The person who nominated this blog really loved this post:
 The lost colours of D&D