Friday, October 28, 2016

More news from Three Line Studio

More news from Three Line Studio, letting us know that Robert J. Kuntz's Memoirs are underway and they will contain:

an overall pool of life stories spanning his days in Lake Geneva, his fortuitous meeting with Gary Gygax and the Gygax family in 1968, and his many and varied personal and professional observations from his career path as a free-lance designer and author.  This major work will include details on his friendships with Gary & Mary Gygax, Donald Kaye (co-founder of TSR), Dave Arneson, and his time as an employee and stockholder of TSR Hobbies, as GENCON's chairman, and his observations and insights from other unique perspectives.

Among many other things, I am looking forward to hearing more about Donald Kaye (co-founder of TSR) of which we know almost nothing.