Sunday, October 2, 2016

Blackmoor Week 2016 - part 7 "Dave Arneson Game Day 2016"

Here are a few more links and information to celebrate the birthday on October 1st of David "Dave" Lance Arneson.

In Celebration Of Dave Arneson's Birthday & Blackmoor The First Fantasy Campaign 

This is a lengthy (great) post with a lot of interesting links and the story of how the writer was introduced to Dave Arneson's Blackmoor.

The Weekly Update - Sunday, October 2nd, 2016 - Dave Arneson Day, and I have now played D&D!!!
Our friends at The Source Comics and Games here in the Twin Cities all knew Dave, so it was no surprise when they announced that they were going to have a 'Dave Arneson Day" at the store. A whole bunch of people pitched in to make this event both a success and lots of fun, and I was delighted to be asked to do a sort of 'information booth' along with some of the old Blackmoor crowd to answer questions about Dave and gaming back in 'ye olden days'. We did, and we had am immense amount of fun!
Yeah! That is right - the writer Chirine was one of Dave's players back in the day. Thank you for a great post!

Secrets of Blackmoor a Dave Arneson documentary

Yeah! The word about the documentary is getting around and I hope it is a good accurate one and I would love to see it.

The First Magic Swords

A  great informative post by DHBoggs and it opens with this:

"Several of us were injured trying to pick up the magic sword. One of the guys was eventually successful in picking it up, though. We collectively decided that we were in way over our heads and to return to the castle."   The First Dungeon Adventure,  Greg Svenson.

Magic swords have been a major prize in Blackmoor, perhaps even from the very first game.
The entire post is a great read and I recommend it.

The Piazza Reach 1K Likes on Dave Arneson Day

That is 1000 Facebook likes for Dave Arneson Day. Next year, let's double that!!

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Dave Arneson Day 2016 - What did you miss?