Sunday, September 26, 2021

Celebrating Day Three of Blackmoor Week - 51st Anniversary of Blackmoor

Today September 26th is the third day of Blackmoor Week 2021.

Yesterday I linked back to when I wrote about The First Fantasy Campaign early in 2020. Today I am going to link to where another blogger wrote about The First Fantasy Campaign starting in early September 2020.

The blog is the OSR Grimoire  and The First Fantasy Campaign posts started with this one: JG 37: The First Fantasy Campaign

He concluded his long series of posts in late December with this post: The First Fantasy Campaign: Remastered.

He says: 

Before his passing, Dave Arneson indicated that he wished to re-edit JG 37 "The First Fantasy Campaign", as reported in First Fantasy Campaign Belongs to Arneson Estate Bledsaw Confirms on Havard's Blackmoor Blog.

Although we can't know exactly what Arneson had in mind, having just completed a review of each section in "The First Fantasy Campaign", I have attempted to reorganize its contents, adopting the OD&D framework:

His suggested organization is pretty interesting, given that this was not a game supplement, but instead a campaign journal. But it begs the question that is the most interesting to me and that is what additional material would have been added? We can only wonder at what might have been added that was probably never committed to paper at any point in time.


  1. Happy Blackmoor Week!

    I'm glad you enjoyed my walk-through of "The First Fantasy Campaign". The "FFC Remastered" post was kind of a thought experiment, but like you said, I can't help wondering what else might have been included...

    Here's to Dave and all the Blackmoor bunch!

    1. I did a walk through earlier the same year, so I was very interested to see your take on it. Especially since it did not seem that you had seen my posts, so it was a completely uncontaminated viewpoint. I like to see a completely independent viewpoint.

      I agree! Here's to Dave and all the Blackmoor bunch!