Friday, September 24, 2021

Celebrating Day One of Blackmoor Week - 51st Anniversary of Blackmoor

Today September 24th is the first day of Blackmoor Week! Remember Christmas break in December is the 51st Anniversary of Blackmoor as it began in December of 1970. As previously noted several places on the Internet several players testify as to this being when they first played in Blackmoor.

Blackmoor Week runs from September 24th through September 30th every year to celebrate gaming and to honor the first campaign (Blackmoor) and the author of that campaign (Dave Arneson). Blackmoor Week is followed on October 1st by Dave Arneson Game Day, celebrated on David "Dave" Lance Arneson's birthday each year. This year as Oct 1st is a Friday, maybe we can all game on Friday night and lift a toast to Dave Arneson. 

We get an early glimpse of Blackmoor in The Temple of the Frog, the first published adventure. Sadly its legacy is not that of instruction, but of what has become THE ONE TRUE WAY, which is to use published modules exclusively. Dave was showing everyone how it is done, the message was ?here is how you DIY and MIY." Sadly that message has been lost over the years.

So this year, celebrate by doing something you make yourself. It will be better than anything you can buy.

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