Thursday, November 29, 2018

SECRETS of BLACKMOOR: The True History of Dungeons & Dragons

The Secrets of Blackmoor: The True History of Dungeons & Dragons now has a Kickstarter for Volume 1 -The Evolution of Fantasy Role Playing by The Fellowship of the Thing.

Griff known as Secrets of Blackmoor on various forums and on the Secrets of Blackmoor Website had this to say in a forum post. 
Most funding pitches have to do primarily with "Give Me All your Money," yet our approach is different. We are very aware that a lot of gamers may be on fixed incomes and can't really do much as far as direct support like that. Our goal is to get our fans sharing our Kick Starter link and talking to other gamer, thus raising awareness of this film project.
We're really far along with the film. We need extra hands and eyes on the project to make it come to completion sooner.
Tell your friends about this project, maybe show them the trailer on your phone at game night. It is the human touch that will help this project along. individual fans talking to their gamer friends.
All we ask is that you pass it forward. 
We're really underdogs and outsiders in the world of gaming. We aren't connected to the big game companies and big names in gaming. And the movie is really about people who are outsiders. We're pretty humble about what we can accomplish via this film, and we know that we need help from all of you. 
Thanks, Griff
At the Kickstarter link about they also say this (in part)
We are done editing the movie, but it needs a little more work before it can be released.  All of our time is now consumed by what can best be described as adding a fine finish to an already wonderful movie.  We're really down to adding the last touches -- things like color and sound refinements.  
We feel strongly that Secrets of Blackmoor is the seminal documentary on the history of Dungeons & Dragons. Yet we need you to support us in this last stage of post production.
Please take a minute to look over our videos, and gifts (located in the side bar).  There's even a special reward level to be delivered this Christmas day. 
Get out your dice and roll for initiative, become part of our Secret Team by pledging your support! 
The Kickstarter is to do the finish work on the movie as he notes the editing is done and they need to fund the finish work and bring it to market. Please join in making this a reality.

As a bonus take a look at this post Do you Blackmoor? 

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