Thursday, November 29, 2018

Blackmoor Resources

***Blackmoor Resources***
There are a few Ultimate Blackmoor Resources on the Internet and they are
1.  The Blackmoor Archives - The Ultimate Blackmoor Fansite 
2. The Comeback Inn - The Dave Arneson's Blackmoor Discussion Forum
3. Havard's Blackmoor Blog - Dungeons & Dragons - Dave Arneson - Gaming History

There are a lot of links on the blog to sites with Dave Arneson and Blackmoor information. And of course The Ruins of Murkhill forum is a supporter of Blackmoor and Dave Arneson.

I encourage everyone to join The Comeback Inn and, of course, The Ruins.  

Havard made a recent blog post about the difficulty of building  a Blackmoor Community. 5 Reasons Why Building a Blackmoor Community is Hard

Please go read his post for full details. The gist is about why The Comeback Inn is not more active and what he thinks those reasons are. The below are partially quotes and partially my comments.

1. Blackmoor is a small niche. 
2. People like to read not post. Also comments about people taking his original content and putting it into published material for profit. I agree and while I have no problem with people making stuff for profit, I agree with Havard that it is wrong to take his content and use it to make a profit and not give credit or support the community. ***He notes that he usually gives permission, if they ask and give him credit.*** ( I BTW don't sell anything and never have.) 
3. People want to setup their own communities instead of joining. I am (last time I checked) a member at The Comeback Inn and while I have not posted much there I strongly support it and encourage all of you to join.
As an aside I setup up a MeWe group (Blackmoor - the Original First Fantasy Campaign) a week or two before Havard setup up his MeWe group(Dave Arneson's Blackmoor), I assumed he was not coming there since I saw no announcements or indications that he was going to. I have a standing offer on the table for Havard and another Admin from his forum to be Admins for the group I set up which is nearing 500 members. I am certain he could run it better than I could. I wanted to get it going and grow the group and we have done that. 
4. Blackmoor fandoom is fragmented. He says,
 "We have Old School Blackmoor Fans, Mystara Blackmoor Fans, Greyhawk Blackmoor Fans, D20 Blackmoor fans and many others. My dream was always to get these different groups to get together and talk about our common love."
I strongly agree with this and I hope that all of you do too! I support all the different types of Blackmoor, as does Havard and I too would like to see his dream come true. 

So go to The Comeback Inn and let Harvard know you are on board with all Blackmoor Fans being unified.

5. The shadow of controversy. Go read the blog post, I agree with him.
A link to a bonus blog post Do You Blackmoor? 

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