Friday, September 23, 2016

Three Line Studio News

Here are two pieces of Three Line Studio News that I missed while I was off sick.  First Sunken City Adventure Front Cover, Rob Kuntz says:

Here's my adventure, Sunken City, first run by me three times at GENCON 8, 1975 as the first tournament in D&D history! This adventure, 41 years later, is being made available with the release of El Raja Key Archive DVD!  With a cover by Jim Roslof (R. I. P.) no less!
You can follow the link to see the really cool cover!

The second piece of news is Three Line Studio News. In the post Rob says:
As many may be aware my wife, Nathalie, and myself have formed Three Line Studio.  The premiere product for this is due out in a week, The El Raja Key Archive and the accompanying release, the SUNKEN CITY adventure.
and then goes on to say:
 Both products are finished, edited, and laid out.  I was informed by Paul and Kevin (Kevin Maurice is the programmer for the DVD interface) that they are testing the two versions of the DVD and making minor corrections to the index.
You can read Paul's full comments at the link above! Looking forward to holding it in my hands and starting the exploration!