Friday, September 30, 2016

Blackmoor Week 2016 - part three

I have been a bit crunched this week, more so than expected. However, I wanted to sneak in this update for Blackmoor Week 2016. Over at Havard's Blackmoor Blog, he writes: 

Blackmoor Week Day 4: Gonzo Gaming! 

 Okay, so now things are really starting to take off here. I am struggling to keep up with Blackmoor Week activities, forum discussions and everything else going on.
First of all I asked my friend Brian over at the Gnomish Embassy if he would write something for Blackmoor Week. Brian was one of the first people to do Blackmoor Week that I know about. Brian didn't give me one article, but three! One article is a more personal article about how Blackmoor can be an inspiration, then there is an article about a race that developed with the fall of the Temple of the Frog and the final article is a wild alternate history Blackmoor/Mystara mash up. Read all of them here.

There is much more besides the bit that I just quoted, please go check it out. I am posting those links here for you to access directly.

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