Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Birthday to Robert "Rob" J Kuntz

Happy Birthday to Robert "Rob" J Kuntz. He was there when Chainmail and the Original Dungeons & Dragons were created. He was a play-tester of both and more. Game Designer, Author and much more, you can read his bio here. The creator of Kalibruhn and much more. 

At  the beginning of Volume 1 - Men and Magic of the Original 1974 Dungeons & Dragons it says (with emphasis added):

Dedicated to all the fantasy wargamers who have enthusiastically played and expanded upon the CHAINMAIL Fantasy Rules, with thanks and gratitude. Here is something better! Special thanks to the Midwest Military Simulation Association, the Lake Geneva Tactical Studies Association, Rob Kuntz and Tom Keogh (in memorium).
Yes, his influence is throughout the original game.

Best of all, he is my friend. Join me in celebrating his birthday today!!