Friday, September 30, 2016

Blackmoor Week 2016 - part four

As part of Blackmoor Week 2016 I decided to link to some posts over at the Hidden in Shadows blog that relate directly to Dave Arneson and Blackmoor. First up is a post titled Sergeants, Officers, and The Temple of the Frog  where DHBoggs says:

This is a post about garrisons and troop organization in OD&D and for this discussion I'm going to look once again at Supplement II Temple of the Frog, and the exact nature and composition of the forces defending the temple. ...

In the second post titled Troops Arms & Armor tables. DHBoggs expands into the Dave Arneson game Adventures in Fantasy (Richard Snider co-author) where he says:
In the last post I considered the organization of the garrison of the temple of the frog as a model for small garrisons and troops in OD&D, and I listed the arms and equipment given in the text.  It's fine to simply use that, but if you (like me) would prefer a little variety in arms and equipment, there is a really terrific series of tables in Arneson's rulebook 1 of Adventures in Fantasy, page 31, that will give you just that. ...
In the third post titled Blackmoor Taxes, Living Expenses and the Support and Upkeep of Hirelings in OD&D  DHBoggs says:
A good while back, I had a productive and interesting series of discussions with Alex of Autarch regarding economics and game design. You can see these here
ground-up literally
The Blackmoor base ...
So here is some links to some very interesting (IMO) reading and I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.