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Ye Olde School Retro Product List

This is a list of all kinds of Ye Olde School Retro Products. If you would like me to add something to it, please add it to the blog comments with the name and the link and I will be very happy to update this post with the information.
Guy Fullerton gave me this link which is a massive list of products that was last updated in mid 2012 but is very useful and I recommend that you check it out.

Hoard and Horde

The following has been copied from other locations and I think the compiler will be fine with it being posted here since I have previously posted it over at the Original D&D Discussion forums.

Giant List of all Swords & Wizardry Stuff
Catalogue of all the S&W Stuff I Know of:
Last Updated April 02, 2013

Scroll down to see the module list!!
The “Official” Game Rulebooks

WhiteBox Rules (free pdf):

Core Rules (free pdf):

Complete Rules:

Monstrosities (Expanded monster book for S&W Complete)
Warning! If you already have the Swords & Wizardry Monster Book for the Core Rules, the vast majority of this book is a repeat. There are some new monsters in it, but the main differences are: (1) it's a very well bound (library quality) hardcover, (2) every monster is awesomely illustrated, and (3) each monster has a short "lair" description, and these are turning out to be very popular with Referees.
Frog God Games

Variant “Unofficial” Rulebooks from Third-Party Publishers
Four Variant Games (free) at
Blood & Bullets Old West RPG - western based, with Shootists, Gamblers & Trailblazers
Sabres & Witchery - 18th Century supernatural monster hunters
Ancient Mysteries & Lost Treasures - Modern exploration & adventure
Stone & Wood - Fantasy roleplaying set in "The Land", from the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

Ruins & Ronin (WhiteBox Oriental Variant) ($1 pdf or $11.25 softcover):

Hideouts & Hoodlums (Golden age hero comics roleplaying) ($6 pdf bundle):

World of Onn:

Backswords & Bucklers (Elizabethan Variant Rules):

Discussion Forums

Main Forum:
The S&W SRD Site:

Storefront Pages (including third-party publishers with more than one publication)
Mythmere Games:

Frog God Games:

Rogue Ranger Games:

Land of NOD:

Majestic Wilderlands:


Zodiac Gods Publishing:


Knockspell Magazine:
Land of NOD:
Zogorion, Lord of the Hippogriffs, a DIY zine-style booklet w/detached map/cover you can order at its sub-profit price of $2 US postpaid. Find it at
Free Download Resources

Free Downloads Page:

Core Quick-start Rules:

Secret Party House of the Hill Giant Playboy, a free PDF adventure featuring lots of yoinkable NPCs and random tables (direct download link:


Frog God Blog:
The Swords & Wizardry Companion:
(not updated recently, but contains resources)
Beyond the Black Gate:
Akratic Wizardry:
Sword & Board:
Absolutely Mental:
The Warlock's Home Brew:
Tales from the Flaming Faggot (yes, that's the name of the blog):
The Incredible Fetide Grigou Show (in French):

Beyond the Wailing Mountains: see Northlands Saga, the

Black Monastery, the: (see "The Black Monastery")

Blood on the Snow: see Northlands Saga

Burning Desires (SoF2: Levels 2 through 4)
PCs visit the aboveground dwarven city of Anvil Plunge, only to discover the starting ritual needed to re-forge the scepter cannot be undertaken because a piece of the holy forge is missing. PCs will have to travel into the sprawling Sin Mire Swamp to recover the artifact.
Frog God Games

Culvert Operations (SoF3: Levels 3 through 5)
The city of Bargarsport sits upon the sunken ruins of the old city – and the underground temple of Clandestine. But the temple’s faithful are a conniving lot, and require PCs to face down a necromancer and his undead minions moving into the underground city before they will help.
Frog God Games

Cyclopean Deeps (series of 12)
I don't think you can buy these separately, but check at The Cyclopean Deeps Page to see if anything has changed on that. You can buy the series as a subscription of 12 modules (chapters) for $75, which are delivered as pdf files until the end, at which time it's sent out as a hardcover book.

Deep beneath the ground, in those regions where the echoes of mankind’s feet are seldom heard, where even firelight is a bizarre intruder from a long-forgotten place, the foes of mankind breed and multiply. It is a realm of dark chaos – for these creatures of the echoing deeps count each other as rivals and enemies. It is a place without peace, a place without virtues, a place where every countenance of evil is to be found in sluggish torpor, stirring restlessly in dreams of cruelty and hatred. These dark and deadly provinces are known as the Under Realms.
Frog God Games

Death Curse of Sven Oakenfist, the: See Northlands Saga, the

Establishing themselves in the cyst left by their dead god, a zealot band of Shrooms, a race known for bizarre projects and subtle objectives, have now been working for decades on the strangest task in their strange history. They are growing themselves a new god. A Swords & Wizardry adventure (levels 3-6) also usable with other old-school RPG rules. 84 pages. (softcover) (pdf)
Mythmere Games

Fane of the Fallen
...these creatures are the so-called “demonkindred,” isolated in their city of Novgorod beneath the shadow of its brooding fortress, waiting for the day in which they will one day have the opportunity to retake power. Even more, they lust for the return of their demonic powers, the birthright that they think has been denied to them. And now, in the form of promises, that hope has been given to them. The hidden city of Novgorod has begun to stir, a beast awakened by its long-denied hopes. The lust to return to their ancient status has been awakened by a demon princess who understands the deepest nature of lust, and knows how to shape its form to her own desires, for she is a succubus of ancient power. She is the demon-courtesan Medibha, just spreading her wings as a lord of demonic power, playing the first moves in the game of demon politics....
Frog God Games

For Love of Chaos (SoF4: Levels 4 through 6)
PCs find that the temple of Iseleine, perched high atop a pillar standing in the middle of a lush, garden-filled pit, is in dire danger from a force strategically destroying the garden below. What’s worse is the fact that the temple’s high priestess viciously killed her husband … then threw herself from the high pillar. On her was the oil of Iseleine needed to bless the scepter.
Frog God Games

Deep in the wooded wilderness, the village of Grimmsgate is an outpost town on a seldom-traveled trail, right at the edge of nowhere. The village’s half-ruined temple of Law, dilapidated inn, drunken blacksmith, exiled trader and a few fur-trappers are enough to keep the bloody-minded denizens of the dark forest at bay, but nobody really expects the village to still be there in another ten years. The woods have become too dangerous for the trappers who once caught animals for fur, and merchants no longer travel the poorly-maintained road.

What great evil and what fabulous treasures are to be found in these lands? A brave band of adventurers might make their fortunes here. Or perhaps they might never return…

Grimmsgate is an introductory adventure for the Swords & Wizardry tabletop roleplaying game.
Author: Matt Finch; 24 pages; $4.99 for pdf, $9.99 for softcover plus pdf.

Hex Crawl Chronicles
A series of 6 mini-campaign sandbox areas. These books provide a sub-setting in your own campaign world. They populate the world, and allow you to let your players explore that world, rather than just “travel 20 days” to the dungeon. Written by John Stater of NOD fame, each of these supplements details an area with a specific theme. Monster and NPC statistics are provided for each encounter area detailed.

Buy Now 1 - Valley of the Hawks
Buy Now 2 - The Winter Woods
Buy Now 3 - Beyond the Black Water
Buy Now 4 - The Shattered Empire
Buy Now 5 - The Pirate Coast
Buy Now 6 - The Troll Hills
Buy Now 7 - The Golden Meadows
Buy Now 8 - The Undiscovered Country
Buy Now 9 - The Pillars of Heaven
Buy Now 10 - The Land of the Angry River

Ice Tower of the Salka
A Swords & Wizardry adventure (Core or Complete Rules) for character levels 8-12
Sixty years ago, the mysterious ice flow of Zemeth appeared virtually overnight, according to the locals, and swallowed everything in its path, including the stronghold tower of a powerful sorceress known as the Salka. The imposing structure of jagged lines and improbable angles, which once stood overlooking the Salka’s dominions, was buried under the magical silver ice – and the dreaded sorceress herself has never been seen or heard from since. The Salka's tower has been found; do you and your comrades dare enter the former abode of the Ice Sorceress and plunder her forgotten wealth?
Mythmere Games/ Frog God Games

It Started With a Chicken … (SoF1: Levels 1 through 3):
This opening adventure introduces the PCs to the main villain and sets them on a quest to restore the broken Scepter of Faiths. PCs will delve into a burial mound to recover the scepter and discover the steps they must take to restore the holy relic.
Frog God Games

Jungle Ruins of Madaro-Shanti
An adventure for a party of 4-8 characters of fourth through seventh level. A century ago or more, when the town of Cholagadi was just a frontier fort on the coast, Madaro-Shanti was the most powerful city-state in the entire Ambicuaria Jungle...

On Jungle-Ruins of Madaro Shanti we've had a request for bigger pictures of one of the clues (four stone heads) that are shown too small in the module. There is a FREE pdf with bigger pictures suitable for handing out to the players.
Frog God Games

Knowledge Illuminates
Grab your dice and hire some henchmen, you're going to need them. Knowledge Illuminates is a campaign starter adventure full of possibilities. Explore a dark fantasy world in search of an unending treasure. But within this adventure lurks a horror that will haunt the players for years. So buckle up that helmet, sharpen that sword, and bring an extra pair of iron spikes, this adventure is for the big boys.
GM Games

Nameless City, the
In the world there are ancient, degenerated remnants still living, survivals from unimaginable antiquity. What happens when the adventurers stumble across one of these deadly places? There must be treasure untold for those willing to brave the long-forgotten perils of ... The Nameless City. This module by Alphonso Warden is loosely based upon the eponymous short story by HP Lovecraft, and is designed for characters level 7-10. (printed softcover, $9.95) ($4.95 pdf)
By Alphonso Warden, 40 pg
Mythmere Games

Northlands Saga, the
Series of 4 modules: 1 - Vengeance of the Long Serpent; 2 - Beyond the Wailing Mountains; 3 - The Death Curse of Sven Oakenfist; 4 - Blood on the Snow
Viking-type adventures by Ken Spencer. $8.99 in print, $4.99 for pdf. Make sure you order the Swords & Wizardry version, not the Pathfinder version: they are side-by-side on the order page.

Rappan Athuk
The grandfather of mega-dungeons.
Frog God Games

The Black Monastery
Over nearly two centuries since its destruction, the Black Monastery has returned from time to time to haunt the Hill of Mornay. Impossible as it seems, there have been at least five incidents in which witnesses have reported finding the Hill of Mornay once again crowned with black walls and slate-roofed towers. In every case, the manifestation of this revenant of the Black Monastery has been accompanied by widespread reports of madness, crime and social unrest in the kingdom. Sometimes, the monastery has appeared only for a night. The last two times, the monastery reappeared atop the hill for as long as three months…each appearance longer than the first.
Frog God Games

The Spire of Iron and Crystal

Deep in the wilderness stands the legendary Spire of Iron and Crystal, a bizarre structure of twisting iron and four enormous crystals that seem to grow from the very ground itself. The fabled riches of the Spire have never been plundered, for no entrances have ever been found.... Until now. Your party of adventurers has discovered the long-hidden secret of entering the Spire. A Swords & Wizardry (Core Rules or Complete Rules) adventure for 4-6 characters level 5-6. Tournament scoring and characters are included.
Mythmere Games/ Frog God Games

Some Reviewer Quotes:

Grognardia gave the original an excellent review with 9 out of 10 for creativity:
"this is an excellent mid-level adventure module for referees looking for a slightly more outré locale into which to throw the characters in their campaign. I suspect it will prove a very difficult challenge for many players. Finch pulled out all the stops in writing this one, creating both a truly memorable environment and filling it with obstacles to test even experienced players."

Philotomy Jurament's review is also awesome:
The Spire offers a unique and challenging adventuring environment that feels very alien in nature. Some elements of the dungeon are reassuringly familiar (there are cooridors, rooms, et cetera), but even those familiar elements have bizarre differences from the norm. Other elements are far from the norm, and often quite unexpected. When running my PC through the Spire, I had the feeling that anything could happen, and that I had crossed over into an uncertain world, almost like another dimension. The Spire possesses genre-bending weird-tech elements, but the presentation and the play feels natural (i.e. not jarring) and very suspenseful (fear of the unknown). I think the best way to describe the feeling I got, adventuring in the Spire, was that it reminded me of the anxiousness and uncertainty I remember from my earliest D&D experiences, going "in search of the unknown" and not having any idea what I might find. For a jaded gamer who has played since the 70s, that's quite a thrill.

Jeff Rients said (again, this is about the original publication, but the text is unchanged):
"So yesterday I read The Spire of Iron and Crystal, a Swords & Wizardry adventure from S&W guru Matthew Finch. Man, this is great stuff. The Spire compares very favorably in tone and content to module B4 The Lost City, by the late great Tom Moldvay. "

Dreams in the Lich House (that's Beedo) says:
"Let me just say up front, I found this to be one of the strongest adventures that's been published by the OSR. "

Strange Bedfellows
A circus show erupts in mayhem when goblinoids crash the performance, slaughtering performers and audience members alike. PCs investigate the attack, leading them into an ancient dungeon and uncovering ancient secrets and harbored grudges. Their decisions affect the politics and economics of three unique towns.
Frog God Games

Tomb of the Iron God
Introductory adventure for Swords & Wizardry (Softcover, saddle-stitched). The Monastery of the Iron God has been destroyed by divine wrath, and its treasure-laden catacombs are ripe for the picking by an enterprising young group of adventurers such as yourselves ... Designed for 4-8 characters, levels 1-2.
Mythmere Games

Vengeance of the Long Serpent
VotLS is the first of the Frog God Games Northlands Saga for Swords & Wizardry. Pull on your hauberk, ready your shield, and take up your axe, the tide is moving out and it is time to set sail on a voyage of adventure. In Vengeance of the Long Serpent the heroes sail north into a land of murder, savagery, and madness to face a reawakened dark god and his deadly cult.
Frog God Games

Ursined, Sealed and Delivered
One of the Frog God Games One Night Stands series, Ursined, Sealed and Delivered is a newly written adventure module, but it’s a truly unique window into the early days of the game. The module is written by Dennis Sustare, the designer and author of the original Druid class that has become a key character class in virtually every fantasy game ever written since 1978. Can your party survive in the arctic wastes long enough to discover the source of an ancient curse?
Frog God Games

Vengeance of the Long Serpent: See Northlands Saga, the

Portugese Translation by Gilvan Gouvêa:
Polish Translation by Witold Krawczyk:
Complete Rules:
Miscellaneous Other Stuff

Eldritch Weirdness
By Matt Finch
A compilation of the third through the first books of Eldritch Weirdness for Swords & Wizardry, 0e, and other old school fantasy roleplaying games. Embrace the strange, and Imagine the Hell out of it. New spells, methods, ideas, and tables for magic user characters. This is a good resource for PLAYERS as well as referees.


Castle Baldemar's Dungeon is also available in Swords & Wizardry rules:

Maybe there should just be a complete list of all the "Saturday Night Specials" and "One Night Stands" from Frog God Games, just like there's a complete list of their "Hex Crawl Classics".
~Scott "-enkainen" Casper

Patrick Wetmore's Books and Publications Spotlight - Lulu

Again please post product names and links in the comments section to this post. Thank you!

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