Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Dungeon 23 Project - The Ruins of Mount Auyán (Day 039)

Sorry guys, I still do not have access to a scanner.

 Ok, so going back to this point: "Starting with Door #1 on the north wall next to the long mirrored wall. Stepping through this door into a corridor which runs straight for 20', makes a 90° turn and runs 30' where it dead ends into a T which runs north-south.  To the right it extends north for an undetermined distance, to the left it extends the length of the mirrored wall and continues and indeterminate distance south. Away past the end of the mirrored wall it forms a T where a corridor from Door #4 on the south wall joins."

Going back to the point where we have two T's one at either end of the back side of the mirrored wall: 

 At 20' past the T's on either end the there is a *four way intersection. Looking first at the north end, the four way intersection, right branch runs 30' takes a 90° turn and continues north. The left branch runs 30' to another four way intersection. This all mirrored at the south end.

At the *four way intersection noted, the middle branch which runs north south (and passes behind the mirrored wall)  runs 60' to a T the long part of which extends to the right, this is repeated every 60' at least 40 times. This is all mirrored at the south end.

This level extends at least (at a minimum) 5000' x 5000'. And three different sub-levels exist for each of the four quadrants.

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