Monday, December 12, 2022

A Few Planned Posts for 2023

I thought I would mention a few of my planned posts for 2023. One of the things I will be posting about at least once a month during 2023 is the upcoming 50th Anniversary of the Original Dungeons & Dragons, yeah, 2024 is the 50th Anniversary of OD&D. Fifty years occurs in January of 2024 and will be celebrated for the whole year. Since no one knows the date the first copy of OD&D was sold, I have been using January 25th (Friday in 1974) as the arbitrarily chosen date and that will be a Thursday in 2024. Other people may use another date, which is also arbitrarily chosen.

Along the way, I will be talking about how WotC/Hasbro blew it for the 45th Anniversary of OD&D and how they are giving every indication that they will blow it for the 50th Anniversary of OD&D as well.

Also along with this I will talk some about 6E "D&D" aka "one D&D" and the planned conversion to the "bleed your fans" for every nickel and dime you can, while avoiding providing any real value model. So far it appears that they will focus entirely on the virtual world and you will be renting the rules instead of owning them. That focus appears to be to the complete detriment of the table top gaming aspect of D&D.

Right now I am planning on trying to do two posts a month on these topics for each month of 2023 and then post daily in January of 2024 and then monthly the rest of 2024.

I am bringing this up now, so that anyone else who wants to join me in doing this can. It would be great if we could collectively generate enough posts to shame WotC into honoring the original game and honoring Arneson, Gygax and the other people that brought D&D to life, instead of their (IMO) obsessive focus of trying to get every possible penny from the fan base.

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