Saturday, July 31, 2021

The Lost Dungeons of Tonisborg Has Arrived!!!

The Lost Dungeons of Tonisborg book has arrived! This was part of the Secrets of Blackmoor Kickstarter that launched back on November 24, 2018. The delivery of this book has been a long time coming, but I assure you that it has been more than worth the wait.  Aside from the Original Dungeons & Dragons itself published in January of 1974, this is one of a tiny handful of books that are truly relevant and important in the realm of Fantasy Adventure Role Playing Games.

Image from Secrets of Blackmoor backerkit page 

There are two different covers, one is purple and a limited number are teal. As I am color blind I will not know which I have until I have a chance to ask someone. It is going to take quite a while to read through this book and peruse the maps contained within it. It is 156 pages and the print is small enough that I must use my reading glasses, that is to say it is densely packed with information. The page size is 8.5 x 11 of high quality paper in a hard bound book. I am extremely happy with the heft and appearance of the book and look forward to many useful hours.

I have so far only skimmed through the book. There is an (slightly less than 3.5 pages) example of play that is lengthy and detailed enough to get anyone started gaming. There is an excellent Table of Contents, Index and List of Tables. 

In my opinion, everyone who referees any version of D&D and any game that is derived from the original version of D&D should buy this book, read it, study it and putting the advice into practice in their own campaign. Some people will want to play this dungeon. I don't view it that way. I view it was one example (a very good example) of how it is done. My advice is imitate it and then go beyond it. Make it Yourself and Do it Yourself was the original way to play, don't short change yourself and your players, give it a try. This book will help you do that.

Other important books are Dave Arneson's The First Fantasy Campaign, which is a comparable volume to this, only it did not have the production values or editing team. Sadly it is out of print, but hopefully one day that can be changed. Fortunately I have a copy, a first print of that volume.

The Secrets of Blackmoor - The True History of Dungeons & Dragons DVD documentary, part of the Kickstarter that included the Lost Dungeons and Dave Arneson's True Genius, by Robert J. Kuntz complete the list of the five most important and relevant items in the realm of Fantasy Adventure Role Playing Games.


  1. Fascinating! I'm gonna try to track down a copy of this.

  2. Do you know if they are selling the book for people that missed the kickstarter? I wouldn't mind picking one up now if that's possible.

  3. Do you know if they are selling these now? I wouldn't mind getting one, but I wasn't there for the kickstarter.

  4. I will post about it when another printing is done. I believe that will be done, but no information is yet available.

  5. Just received my copy right now... Awesome book and great moment in RPG history !