Monday, February 1, 2021

An Artifact In My Campaign I Called "The Map"

One of the magic things IMC are paintings and tapestries (sometimes). Players have on occasions encountered a painting or a tapestry on a wall and been able to step directly into the scene and adventure there, where ever there is.

On one occasion they found a map that you could use to display other places that they wanted to know something about. They accidentally discovered that you could travel directly there by entering through the map and by reaching a hand into the map they could pull that player back out of the map. So on one occasion not long after they obtained the map they had to flee for their lives and they made the decision to escape by going through the map instead of riding away, but they were unwilling to give the map up so they each took hold of a corner of the map and jumped in together and pulled the map through itself after them (or tried to anyway).

What happened is that the event sent a magical shock wave around the world and as they materialized in the new location (The Blighted Lands - now with new massive damage to the landscape), a powerful magic user appeared and cast a spell and they were in stasis in a bubble and only able to observe and nothing else (meanwhile the map which was an Artifact was gone and not to be found). The magic user immediately disappeared was followed over the next few minutes with many different beings appearing and immediately disappearing. After a while things settled down.

Then the magic user reappeared and pulled them out of stasis and gave them a stern lecture.

1. what they did could have caused immense destruction and innocent deaths.
2. things like that and other very powerful magic contradictions draw the notice of powerful entities and you don't want that
3. you could have ended up in a very bad place, any number of them
4. you are welcome for my saving your lives, I'll take my pay and go (and taking his pick of their magic (one from each player) he left)

They did not complain, when you are standing in the middle of a new smoking crater that you caused, it is hard to argue that you being mistreated when you are still alive.

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