Tuesday, November 19, 2019

'System Mastery' vs. 'World Settings' from chirine's workbench

'System Mastery' vs. 'World Settings' 
This is from back in July at  chirine's workbench Jeff Berry's Blog.

Early last year, an experienced D&D 5e gamer told me I should get out of the campaign that I'd been playing for a while, as I was "holding the party back because I didn't have system mastery on the 5e rules". So, since I agreed with him, I handed my player-character sheets back to the very patient GM, and left the campaign. (And the table, and the game store, but that's a different story.)

It got me thinking. ...
Interesting perspective, one with which I agree. Like Mr. Berry, I also played the same way bitd. It is to my mind more fun when the players are playing in a world and not knowing/reading/studying the rule set, but focused on the world itself. I love having people in my games who have never played before and have no preconceived expectations from "ruleset" knowledge. IMO it is more fun for the player and for the ref.

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