Friday, November 29, 2019

Secrets of Blackmoor - The Bonus DVD Sources - Ross Maker (a sample from the Bonus DVD)

Secrets of Blackmoor@Blackmoor_Film shared a sample from the Bonus DVD for the Secrets of Blackmoor.
How about a sample from the Bonus DVD?
A little video to watch on this day of Thanksgiving. 
Ross Maker talks about the early days: 
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A short excerpt from the 2 hour Bonus DVD for KickStarter supporters of Secrets of Blackmoor. 
Ross Maker was the first person to play a Dwarf Character in an RPG. He played that same character for roughly 40 years. 
As part of the Blackmoor Bunch, Ross witnessed the invention and evolution of Arneson's fantasy campaign 
In his real life career he has been a game designer and computer programmer. As a founder of the 4D Interactive team he helped port many games produced by Coleco such as Zaxxon. 
This is raw footage without color or sound enhancement. 
Ross appears in the completed documentary which can be seen here: 
The Bonus DVD Sources - Ross Maker

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