Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Blackmoor Week Day Two

As you celebrate Dave Arneson and Blackmoor week you may want to know more about him and about it. At The Blackmoor Archives there is a download page and a few of the items available for download are:
The Silent Guard
The Sightless Sisters
The Gen'Ri
The Eldrich Underground
The Brothers of the Greenwood
The Wizards Cabal
The Topaz Eye
Castle Blackmoor Preview, preview to the Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor
Three Blackmoor NPCs, an except from the D20 Campaign Sourcebook
Blackmoor Dungeon Level 1, revised Dungeon Level 1 from Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor
Paladins of Blackmoor Blackmoor Softcover Book.
Blackmoor Hex Map, sample from the D20 Blackmoor Softcover Book.
The Maiden's Blackmoor, first draft of the companion for the Last Fantasy Campaign (pdf). 
Character creation rules for the Blackmoor MMRPG 4E. Includes a sneak preview of the new Inventor Class!
City of the Gods Web Enhancement (pdf) from CMP. Includes stats for two monsters; the Sandfolk and the Camarilla.
Return to the Temple of the Frog, A D&D 3.5 adventure by Ted Albert available from Wizards of the Coast. (Preserved at the Internet Archive)
Supplement II: Blackmoor (pdf) by Dave Arneson 
First Fantasy Campaign Map of Blackmoor by Dave Arneson 
And that is just a small sample of what is there, go check it out. 

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