Sunday, September 30, 2018

Blackmoor Week Day Seven

Back a few years ago Dave Arneson was interviewed for Issue #2 of Fight On! magazine. In it he was asked this:
FO! Did you ever try early role-playing experiments in other kinds of settings, or was it pretty much all Blackmoor?
DA We tried many settings for roleplaying, including Modern, Horse and Musket, Wild West, and some Sci-fi. Some of the material from the latter game slipped into City Of The Gods.
Wouldn't we all of loved to have been there for that, even if only as a fly on the wall watching it.

In that interview which unfortunately was extremely brief we also learn this about Dave Arneson:
My favorite computer games are the world strategy games, like Age of Empires and Civilization. 
As a huge Civilization fan, that rather tickles me that in so many things Dave and I have the same taste. I've never tired Age of Empires, but I am sure I would like it.

As I think about it, I think of the three Davids of gaming:

David Wesely
David Arneson
David Hargrave

It is sad that they did not all hook up in a game company together with a silent partner to fund and hire support staff and a good editor. That would have been DIY gaming material for the next century.

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