Wednesday, July 22, 2015

To all who read this blog, your assistance is requested especially if

To all who read this blog, your assistance is requested especially if you live outside the USA or your first language is not English. I am getting ready to update a lot of my Old School Gaming Resource Links, which includes blogs, OSR games and other games, resource sites, publishers, fan magazines, and much more. I am interested in including links in as many languages as possible.  Please post links to all of these kinds of things in the format of :

Name of the blog/game/site/etc. following by the link

Delving Deeper
Aventuras en la Marca del Este

I would like to extend all of my lists, including, but not limited to:
Ye Olde School List of Retro Games & Clones, Retro Clones, and What Have You
Ye Olde School Fan Magazines
Ye Olde School Blogs
Ye Olde School Forum List
Ye Olde School Resource Sites

To include the maximum possible number of products both free and for sale, in all possible languages so that it theese lists will be of the maximum possible use to the maximum number of people.

If you would like to write a brief and concise informative statement about each item that would also be good. And it would be great if you identify the language you are posting in.

My deepest appreciation to anyone and everyone who contributes.


  1. Here's my rpg blog
    Nerd-O-Mancer of Dork

  2. Thank you! I will add this when I make my next round of updates, no later than Monday night! The "Crypt of the mad wizard" is a great illustration!



  3. I didn't find a link list anywhere at your blog, but here's my home:
    Crypt Of Rabies

  4. Hi @Thaumiel Nerub, Your blog is in my blog List on the right hand side of this page which lists over 500 old school blogs. Also the lists I am referring to are maintained by me at two sites: this one is mine - and this one has been around longer - They are both in the process of being updated by me. Any link collections from any country are welcome! Thank you for your interest!

  5. A Finnish OSR & general RPG blog:
    Limun Ropellukset