Wednesday, July 15, 2015

OD&D - Old Forgotten English Words - 017

Continuing the list of olde archaic words for your enjoyment and enlightenment:

Snollygoster - A shrewd, unprincipled person, particularly a politician.

Twitter-light - formerly used instead of twilight.

bedchamber - meaning bedroom

Zafty- A person very easily imposed upon or taken advantage of.

Interlard - To put lard or fat between layers of meat. Metaphorically, to mix what is the solid part of the discourse with fulsome and irrelevant matter. Thus we say, "to interlard with oaths, compliments," etc.

Hemicrania lunatica - Pain in the head arising from changes in the moon.

Fulhams - Loaded dice are called high- and lowmen, or high and low fulhams, by Ben Jonson and other writers of his time, either because they were made at Fulham [between Kensington and the Thames, in London], or from that place being the resort of sharpers.

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