Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Broken Spoke Production and The Eighteen Pages and a Supplement (Update 04/02)

As of today, the links are dead and sadly the three pdfs have been taken down by the author.

I have shared this information several places, but I decided to do a blog post to make it easier to share more widely. The source of this is at a location that I do not have access to, but several friends send me excerpts of things from time to time.

An OSR poster known as derv does a little self-publishing of very interesting stuff as Broken Spoke Production.

About three weeks ago he posted a link to what he called The Eighteen Pages - A Fantasy Blackmoor Rules System. This was a rift off of the fabled Eighteen Pages of notes that Dave Arneson forwarded to Gary Gygax. Dave Arneson had traveled from the Twin Cities in MN down to Lake Geneva in WI and ran the Blackmoor game (and setting) for Gygax and friends. Gygax wanted to publish the game and Arneson sent him Eighteen Pages of notes, (depending on who is telling the story and when, the number of pages varies). They collaborated by snail mail and by phone for over a year before OD&D was published.


Short term link to pdf. It is one guys guess as to what was in the 18 pages sent by Arneson to Gygax. It may only be up a short time so download it quick if you want to check it out.

The Eighteen Pages

A few days ago a new links when up where derv said:
"A new Broken Spoke Production, Scratch Build Campaign is a supplement for The Eighteen Pages or your favorite rules system of choice. Quick and dirty methods to get you playing like the old days."
Scratch Build Campaign

Check this out if you are interested in the vibe of the early days, because I do not know how long these links will be up.. 

If I learn of anymore updates or supplements I will update and re-share this blog post. So if you see it being re-shared by me you will know it has new information included.

Update to the Scratch Build Campaign posted here 3-28-2020.

derv - his avatar here

posted this: can definitely use Scratch Build as a scenario generator. That appears to be exactly how Blackmoor first started. I hope people see that only as a jumping off point. As I thought about it, it seemed the document could benefit from another set up example to make it's versatility a little more clear.
Here's the addition to stick in your folder- Set up example two

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