Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Today Would Have Been My Wife's 61st Birthday

My dearest Janet, I know that you are having a wonderful, joyful birthday today in heaven and that if you have any tears God is wiping them away. I am sending you my love and so much gratitude that our God brought you into my life and that you were my wife for almost 23 was a privilege and a joy knowing you and loving you, I am so happy that I did not miss out on that. You knew how to be joyful and to enjoy all of God's creation, you had an amazing laugh and zest for life, you loved deeply, first God, then me, your family and friends and you loved the lost. You truly knew how to separate sin and sinner and to love as Jesus loved, there was no hate in you.

Through all the challenges that life brought your way, you continued to love and to trust God. You were very much like Job, "The Lord gave and Lord has taken away, may the name of the Lord be praised." While we both always wanted children from our youth, God firmly closed that door for us on many occasions, but in spite of the pain you (we) trusted God and his plan. Everyone else's children became our children through the Lord and we loved them together. As the Lord said to Paul,"My Grace is sufficient for you." It was always special to watch you hold a baby and see the joy in your face. 

You loved simple things, ladybugs, balloons, especially hot air balloons - every time you saw one you never failed to thank God for the gift of seeing it, you loved floral patterns so much - and that made it easy for your colorblind husband to get gifts you really did love. You loved the outdoors and we went on some great hikes together, you loved to sit outdoors and feel the breeze, watchting the trees, the birds, the clouds and just spend time communing with God. 

With you I really learned what love was and how to love people, and you taught me how to forgive and mean it. Today is bittersweet for me, On the one hand I am so happy that you are with God, and that your suffering is over forever - no more pain, no more sickness and on the other hand I am so sad that we are not together right now and it hurts so much that you are not here. But God's love is all around me, He gives me hope and His love is ever present; and whle I have shed many tears, I have much comfort too! I love you so much! Happy Birthday my love!!

I also ran across this today!

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