Friday, October 26, 2018

The Arduin Grimoire MeWe Group (created early October 2018)

With the announcement of Google+ closing and the communities going away,  I checked out MeWe. I also set up a MeWe group for The Arduin Grimoire here to give it a try, and there are 11 members right now if you want to come there and give it a try. It looks promising and they have a feedback option where you can give improvement ideas (1st option), ideas for a new feature, a problem report, general feedback and a compliment. I have made suggestions and since I selected the option for an email reply, I have gotten a reply, 1st to tell me that they got the feedback and then a reply from a team member telling me they submitted my idea to the tech team.  That is very encouraging, so we will see. 

I made a post over at the Google+ Arduin Grimoire Group back on October 12, 2018 a few days after I created the group. In the last two weeks membership at the MeWe group has grown to 24 members from the 11 noted above. Content should be coming soon and hopefully the group will continue to grow. If you are a Arduin and Dave Hargrave fan, please come join us. The group is an open group with no hoops for membership.

A place to hang out and discuss the Arduinian Multiverse, and Arduin where the many worlds of the Multiverse connect. All from the fertile imagination of Dave Hargrave.
Update: We jumped to 27 members overnight!
Update: Up to 42 members.
Update: Up to 76 members.
Update: Up to 82 members.
Update: Up to 96 members.
Update: Up to 144 members.
Update: Up to 158 members.
Update: Up to 191 members.
Update: Up to 381 members.
Update: Up to 274 members - come join us!

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