Friday, February 10, 2017

New Spells for Old

Over on my forum The Ruins of Murkhill - OD&D and Other Classic Old School RPGs one of my members has started a new project down in the Workshop area in a sub-forum titled New Spells for Old. So far she has started threads titled:

Creating New Spells for OD&D
What are different ways that Magic-User Magic could Work?
What are different ways that Clerical Magic could Work?
Magic-Users Spells and Levels
Clerics Spells and Levels
Magic-Users First Level Spells
Clerics First Level Spells
Spells for Creating Magical items
How do you create Clerical Magic Items
 These are just getting started, but please check it out and encourage the project. Other Character Classes are welcomed by the OP and this is just the start.