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Footprints #23 (DragonsFoot's free e-zine) is available for download:

Footprints #23 (DragonsFoot's free e-zine) is available for download:

Likewise, issue #22 (February) can be found here:

The first 21 issues are also available over at DF.

Footprints #1
April 2004
Keeper of the Old Faith: An AD&D module for characters levels 9-14, by Bill Silvey 2
The Weight of Coins in AD&D, by Jeremy Goehring 7
Critical Hits & Fumbles, by Steve “bloodymage” Willett 9
Short Fiction: The Ravager, by Alphonso Warden 12
A Second Look: The Mask--a covert class, by Robert Doyel 13
Wandering Monsters: Two critters to bedevil your PCs 17
Product Review: Dungeon Module N1: Against the Cult of the Reptile God, by Lorne Marshall 19
Create Food & Drink 21
Pseudo Dragon: Gaming Humor 25

Footprints #2
August 2004
What Have I Got in My Pocket?, by John A. Turcotte 2
The Nasty NPC Competition--Jocasta the Black, by Mike Stewart 11
Multiclasses as Classes, by Mike Stewart 15
The Spell-Weaver, by Jared Hallett 30
The 5% Principle for Classic D&D, by Chris Gonnerman 31
Wandering Monsters
-Gaunt, by Mike Stewart 35
-Protolich, by Mike Stewart 36
Pseudo Dragon: Our Humor Section 37
Siblings of the Stake, by Elizabeth "Indigo Rose" Stewart 38

Footprints #3
December 2004
Stop the Goblin Raid: An AD&D Adventure for 5-8 characters of levels 1-3, by Trenton Howard 2
The Nasty NPC Competition-–Second Place Winners 12
The Thing, by Christopher Tichenor 12
Delorn, by Quinn Davis “Dave” Munnerlyn III 13
Wandering Monsters
-Gigger, by Quinn Davis “Dave” Munnerlyn III 15
-Allaru, by John A. Turcotte 16
-Uttuku, by John A. Turcotte 17
-Retherians, by Jared Hallet 19
Online Gaming: Play by E-mail, by Quinn Davis “Dave” Munnerlyn III 23
Product Review: Module UK4 When a Star Falls, by Lorne Marshall 26
Pseudo Dragon: Our Humor Section 29
Siblings of the Stake, by Elizabeth "Indigo Rose" Stewart 30

Footprints #4
April 2005
Watchers on the Whyestil: An AD&D Adventure for characters levels 4-6, by John A Turcotte 2
Nasty NPC's-–Zoron, Thief of Lives, by Chris Gonnerman 14
Magic Items in their Proper Place, by Mike Stewart 16
Nightflyers, by Steve Marsh 26
"CURSES, foiled again!", by Rizak the Really Horrible 31
Felis Race (Cat Folk), by Marc A. Staff (aka Dragon Fire) 37
Wandering Monsters
-Gravehound, by Michael Haskell with Rich Armstrong 42
-Tree Squid, by Michael Haskell 43
-Gloom, by John A. Turcotte 45
-Corpse Candle, by John A. Turcotte 46
Pseudo Dragon: Our Humor Section 48

Footprints #5
August 2005
The Lost Chalice of Father Tomas: An AD&D Adventure for 1st level, by John A. Turcotte 2
The Nystul and Lendore Isle Campaign, by Lenard Lakofka 11
Suel Gods, by Lenard Lakofka 20
The Standard Bearer, by Jim Ward 21
New Spell: Vingotsky's Vile Vessel, by Stuart Marshall 29
The Sharp and Pointy Contest 30
Wandering Monsters
-Ghouloid and Ghastoid, by Lenard Lakofka 34
Ogham, by George L. Ullom and Dr. J. Curtis Clark 36
Create Food and Drink, by Johnathan Fletcher 45
Pseudo Dragon: Our Humor Section 49

Footprints #6
December 2005
The Ebony Tower: An RPGA AD&D Adventure, by James M. Ward 2
The Clergy of Phaulkon, by Len Lakofka 7
Recipe for a Devil, by Len Lakofka 9
Wandering Monsters-–two new undead nasties, by John A. Turcotte 18
Training to Improve Ability Scores in AD&D, by Joe Maccarrone 20
Dead of Winter, by C. Wesley Clough 24
Create Food and Drink, by Jonathon Fletcher 27
Pseudo Dragon: Our Humor Section 29

Footprints #7
April 2006
Artisans, by Len Lakofka 2
New Spells, by Len Lakofka 4
Little Prayers, by Len Lakofka 8
Cat of Nine Lives, by Len Lakofka 11
Boggarts! Fairies from the Slavic Pantheon, by John A. Turcotte 14
Scion of Cthulhu, by Jeff Childers and K.lm.n Farag 18
Spells for the Sophisticated Traveling Wizard, by Dennis Hes 22
Clerics Turning Undead, by Bryan Fazekas 23
Random Encounters, by Stuart Marshall 31
Master Encumbrance Guide, by John A. Turcotte 33

Footprints #8
August 2006
Variable Hit Dice for Monsters, by Lenard Lakofka 2
Secondary Skills, by Mike Stewart 4
The Chamber of Mull, by Stephen Sofinski 7
Humanoid Strength Ratings and Expanded Hit Dice Potential, by Joe Maccarone 13
A Second Look: Crafting Items in 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, by Cyrus Ayers 16
Wandering Monsters
-Dragonsnake, by Len Lakofka 22
-Gnarly Tree, by Len Lakofka 23
-Jack Jumper Ant, Giant, by Barry W. Smith 26
-Siafu, Giant, by Barry W. Smith 27
-Tatzelworm, by John A. Turcotte 28
-Valusian, by John A. Turcotte 29
-The Ballad of the Phantasmal Vorpal Sword, by John A. Turcotte 31
New Spells
-Bend Metal, by Jason Cone 35
-Curse of Xen, by Stuart Marshal 35
-Curse of Yarthos, by Stuart Marshall 35
-Ice Shards, by Stuart Marshall 36
-Rexok’s Punishing Blade, by Stuart Marshall 36
-Valdemar’s Voltaic Digits, by Joel K. Bishop 36
-Warp Metal, by Jason Cone 37
Prism of the Shades, by Michael Haskell 38

Footprints #9
December 2006
Beyond Strength: Exceptional Abilities for AD&D, by Joe Maccarone 2
The Church of Osprem, by Lenard Lakofka 5
Girdle of Elvenkind, by Stephen Sofinski 8
The Emperor’s Lost Army: An AD&D Adventure for Character Levels 5-7, by John A. Turcotte 9
Wandering Monsters
-Feng-Huang, by John A. Turcotte 21
-Raiju, by John A. Turcotte 22
-Linnorm, by John A. Turcotte 23
-Rusalka, by John A. Turcotte 24
-Resonant Pass, by Stephen Sofinski 25
Leomund’s Wondrous Rings, by Lenard Lakofka 33
Taking the Mystery Out of the Orient, by Gary G. Stevens 35
Locks Come to Life--an Addition to any D&D System, by David Havard 44

Footprints #10
April 2007
The Arcane Knight, by Mike Riley 2
Complete Attack and Saving Throw Table, by Antonio Eleuteri 9
Death From Above! An AD&D Mini-Module for 4-6 Characters, Levels 6-9, by Michael Haskell 12
Tordell’s Wonderful Road of Transfiguration, by Alphonso Warden 18
Beginning Magic-User Spell Table, by Joel Bishop 19
Gaining Non-Weapon Proficiency Slots, by Cyrus Ayers 20
Stat This Monster Contest! 21
Dark Huntsmen, by John A. Turcotte 23
Caravans: Cost and Guarding, by David Havard 25
The Nightstalkers, by David Ednie 26
Wall of Bones/Wave of Fatigue, by Stuart Marshall 28
Create Food & Drink 29

Footprints #11
August 2007
Four new “Gygaxian” classes for your AD&D® game! Part One, by David Prata 2
New Vermin, by Stuart Marshall 20
AD&D Ability Score Training and Improvement, by Joe Maccarone 22
Lost Shrine of Tharizdun, by Alphonzo Warden 25
Choices, by Stephen Sofinski 28
The Ki-Mancer Class, by Ryan Coombes .34
New Illusionist Spells, by Brian Dougherty 52
Waiting for My Check, by Tim Kask 54

Footprints #12
March 2008
Leomund’s Silken Sqaures, by Lenard Lakofka 2
New “Gygaxian” classes for your AD&D® game! Part Two, by David Prata 7
Feudal Social Hierarchy in AD&D, by Brian Wells 22
Alternative Tables for Ability Adjustments, by Emiliano Marchetti 34
Dinner is Served: A 2nd Edition AD&D Ravenloft Encounter for 2-6 Characters, Levels 4-6, by Jason Duke 37
Damned One, by John A. Turcotte 39
Relics of the Veil: The Whipcord, by Ryan Coombes 40

Footprints #13
August 2008
The Houngan: A New NPC Class, by Jason Blair 2
The Enchantment, by Richard Miller 13
Tower of the Elephant: An AD&D Adventure for Character Levels 4-6, by Thulsa 14
Alien Versus ... Druid?, by Thomas Worthington 24
New Mosters: Kzaddich and Tsalakian, by John Turcotte 29
Vampire Lords, by Brian Wells 32

Footprints #14
January 2009
The Necromancer, by David Mohr 4
100 Names for Taverns, by C. Wesley Clough 26
The Dead Down Below, by Rex Baker 28
Wandering Monsters
-The Boggle, by Rachel Drummon 31
-The Vulkodlak, by John Turcotte 32
Seasons in the Abyss: The Carrion Fields, by Marco Cavagna 34
Nolzur of Lendor, by Len Lakofka 40
Vampire Lords: Part II, by Brian Wells 44
My Kingdom for a..., by Jason Peppers 52

Footprints #15
June 2009
Historically Resonant Coinage for AD&D, by Joe Maccarone 2
Haunted Inn of the Little Bear: Revenant's Revenge, an Adventure for 3-6 Characters of 1st to 3rd Level, by Brian Wells 6
The Shaman NPC, by David Mohr 19
Wandering Monsters
-Bat, Vampire, by John Turcotte 44
-Powrie, by Rachel Drummond 46
Gifts in Early and Late AD&D, by Len Lakofka 48
Ruminations of an Aging DM; or, Over Half a Lifetime with My Friend AD&D, by Brian Wells 51
Random Phantom Generator, by Michael Martin 57
Give Your Cities Some Character, by Mike Hensley 59

Footprints #16
November 2009
The Transmuter, by David Mohr 2
Bandit Stronghold: An AD&D Adventure for 2-4 Player Characters, Levels 2-4, by Brian Wells 21
Wandering Monsters:
-Elemental Stalkers, by John Paquette 31
-Frost Naga, by C. Wesley Clough 34
-Iceblight, by C. Wesley Clough 35
-Primordimental, by John Turcotte 36
Relics of the Veil: The Urban, by Ryan Coombes 37
Cantor’s Pocket Demesne, by Don Dickerson 43

Footprints #17
March 2011
Alternative Spell Casting Rules for Classic D&D and 1E, by Christopher Lewis 4
Death Dice, by Lenard Lakofka 13
The (False) Tomb Of Horrors: An AD&D Adventure for Character Levels 12-14, by Joseph Pallai 16
Teleport Trap, by Scott W. Roberts 28
The Werelord, by David Mohr 30
Sword of Taunting +1, Cursed, by Gordon Wheaton 43
The Reconciled Ranger, by R. N. Bailey 44

Footprints #18
April 2013
The Cult of the Devourer, by Andrew Hamilton 3
A Riddle, by Ryan Coombes 9
The Mired Cathedral: An AD&D Scenario for 4-8 Characters of 4th to 6th Level, by C. Wesley Clough 10
Magic Items, by Stuart Marshall 16
The Holy Sword, by Atiq Shafi 17
Tribal Spellcasters Revisited, by Andrew Hamilton 20
Creatures of the Tulgey Wood, by Stuart Marshall 28
The Sorcerer, by R. N. Bailey 30
An Unhealthy Obsession with Equipment, by Stuart Marshall 35

Footprints #19
July 2013
Field Notes from Davendowns, by Andrew Hamilton 4
Kung Fu Monk, by Stuart Marshall 10
Magic Items for Assassins and Other Dirty Fighters, by C. Wesley Clough 13
King Rat, by Michael Davis 15
Create Food and Drink, by Nicole Massey 17
Troubadour, by Stuart Marshall 19
Into the Shrieking Hollow: A Small AD&D Dungeon Adventure for 4-6 Characters, Levels 1-3, by C. Wesley Clough 22
Ecology of the Cave Blinder, by Bryan Fazekas 30
Thorks, by C. Wesley Clough 34

Footprints #20
November 2013
The Witch, by Stuart Marshall 4
Create Food & Drink, by Nicole Massey 24
The Secret of the Wood of Dark Boughs: A 1st Edition AD&D Adventure for Characters Level 3-5, by R. N. Bailey 26
The Thieves' Guild of Ravenar, by John B. Keane 58
The Printing Press of Glarck, by Bryan Fazekas 70
The Goliath, by T. J. Shealy 72
The Rat's Meow: An AD&D 2nd Edition Adventure for 2-5 Characters of 3rd and 4th Level, by Darren Dare 73
Weapon Type vs Armor Class, by Ian Slater 78

Footprints #21
May 2014
New Character Races, by Stuart Marshall 4
Combined Combat Chart, by Steve Wachs 17
How Much Experience Did We Get For That Dragon?, by Ardano Silverbow 18
Magical Miscellanea, by C. Wesley Clough 21
Glarck's Remote Spell Books, by Bryan Fazekas 22
Ride the Lightning, by Ian Slater 24
Monsters of All Sizes, by R. N. Bailey 28
The Wizard's Laboratory, by Marco 33
The Conjurer, by Ian Slater 59
Lake of Sorrows: An OSRIC Adventure for Characters of Levels 1-3, by Steve McFadden 66

Footprints #22
February 2015
Charge It!, by Ian Slater 2
Feelin’ Trapped?, by Tony Chaplin 6
Pulling Strings: A 2E Adventure for Characters of Levels 3-4, by Darren Dare 9
Treasures & Tables, by Stuart Marshall 12
Systems & Swordplay, by Stuart Marshall 16
Many a Quaint and Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore, by Michael Haskell 19
Prelude to an Adventure, by Steve McFadden 21
Blacktop Vale: An OSRIC Adventure for Characters of Level 1-2, by Steve McFadden 24

Footprints #23
September 2015
% in Lair, by Steve McFadden 2
Lycanthropes with Class, by Andrew Hamilton 3
The Slayer, by Ian Slater 4
Centaurs! More Than Just Horsing Around, by Alan Powers 7
No Bones About It: A Short 2E Adventure for Characters of Levels 3-5, by Darren Dare 12
Basic Equipage and Supplies: Costs and Encumbrances, by David Prata 18
A Digest Alchemical, by Ryan Coombes 21
Human and Halfling Character Background Tables, by Alan Powers 31
B11a: Priest's Errand: A 1E Adventure for Level 1 Characters, by Leon Baradat 39
The Eye of Ishur, by C. Wesley Clough 44
Shards from the Workshop, by Various Authors 49
Undead Immunities, by Marco Cavagna 55
Citadel of the Carrion-Eaters: A1E Adventure for Characters of Levels 10+, by Andrew Hamilton 60

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